Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown Wins Substantial Victory in Massachusetts Special Senatorial Election

With 69% of the vote in, Senator Martha Coakley conceded victory to Republican challenger Scott Brown. We'll leave it to others to explain thenational ramifications of this election. Right now this has to concern two West Virginians, Alan Mollohan and Nick Joe Rahall.

Massachusetts loved Barack Obama, giving him a victory in that state by 26 points. Brown won this election by taking on the Obama/Pelosi/Reid signature policy of health care deform head on. If Massachusetts hates socialized health care, what does that say about the people of West Virginia who have cordially detested Nancy Pelosi and have little love for Obama?

Mollohan and Rahall actually have more problems. They are associated with not only health care deform and the potential for skyrocketing costs for state taxpayers, but also the War on Coal. Some speculated that Mollohan might bow out gracefully, but he did file his papers. Democrats might have actually benefited from a new face in that race unconnected to the Upas treelike Washington Left. Mollohan specifically has an army of viable opponents with possibly more intriguing names on the way. Local Democrats have taken great pains to separate themselves from Obama and Pelosi, unlike Mollohan and Rahall.

West Virginia Republicans have a chance to take advantage in a year where voters increasingly detest Democrats on the national level.

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