Friday, October 2, 2009

The Best Presidential Administration Ever Will Start With a Chicagoan

***Note**** Since this post was written this morning, Obama's personal push to bring the Olympics to Chicago has been thwarted. Republicans have responded by expressing concern over the expenditure of time and money in this cause while so many other problems remain unattended.

Time to look forward to 2012. We have a candidate and we know he will drop kick Obama through the goalposts of American politics. Let's get a short look at our next president and the Cabinet he will select.
President: Mike Ditka
One glare from Ditka's steely eyes and Obama will run back to Michelle, curl up in the fetal position and whimper. You say Obama is a great campaigner? You didn't see the Chicago Bears in 1985 then. That, my friends, was a campaign. His presidential campaign against Obama will look like a lion campaigning against a wounded wildebeeste. Ditka will windsprint the economy back into prosperity and send terrorists home crying to their mamas.

Vice President: None
Vice presidents are for wussies. Nothing happens to Ditka unless Ditka says it can happen.

Secretary of State: Paul "Bear" Bryant

Our diplomatic corps needs to get back into fighting trim. No striped pants boys in this man's State Department. he will take our foreign service out to the desert of Texas for three weeks, forcing them to do 217 wind sprints a day and live off of nothing but oranges and raw soup bones. Yes, I know Bear Bryant is dead. You know Bear Bryant is dead. But millions of Alabamans do not and if they can be fooled, so can most foreign governments who usually are not as bright as Alabama football fans.

Secretary of Defense: Buddy Ryan

He led Ditka's defense once and now he will do it again. The Germans think they know about blitzkrieg but they never saw the 46 in action. Buddy Ryan built the most fearsome defense the NFL has ever seen, the early 90s Philadelphia Eagles, around a Southern Baptist preacher. Who else do you want preparing our military to seek, destroy, and sack. Head of covert ops and special forces will be his starting strong safety from those Eagles teams Andre "Dirty" Waters (unfortunately also dead.)

Ambassador to the United Nations: Bubba Smith

Theodore Roosevelt said "speak softly and carry a big stick." Bubba Smith, Hall of Fame linebacker, can say nothing and carry nothing and still get his point across. Just wait until Ahmadinnerjacket or some other Middle Eastern crazy or Latin American Commie wants to speak at the UN. They'll see Bubba Smith standing at the door, arms folded, and just waltz right on back to the poor, desperate country they tyrannize daily.

If we can't get him, Robert Parrish from the Boston Celtics is a close second.

Commander in Chief CENTCOM: Pat Summit

The best way to humiliate a Moslem is to get his tail end kicked by a woman, especially a very scary one. Just ask the SEC. Pat Summit scares the hell out of football teams, and she is a girl's basketball coach! No better strategist exists in the sport and she will find a way to kick Al Quaeda's butt with fifteen young women on scholarship to the University of Tennessee.

Secretary of Homeland Security: Don Nehlen

Dandy Don, one of the great nice guys in the history of college football right? This Hall of Famer built one of the greatest defenses in the history of college football at West Virginia University in the mid 1990s. Nine of those players went on to play in the NFL, would've been ten if Charles Emmanuel had not been injured in preseason the next year. Most of them started and stayed for a long time. a few making All Pro. It led the NCAA in every statistical category you can imagine. It single handedly scared the University of Miami into mediocrity (I can't really back that up.) If we can find the old Don Nehlen spirit, we can get that southern border situation squared away right now.

Director of CIA: Mike Tyson

Yeah, we know, secrecy and intelligence gathering requires a more subtle spirit than Iron Mike. But the CIA used to actually go out there and find and kill bad guys once upon a time. We need the perfect model of a one man wrecking crew and no one beats Iron Mike in his prime. Can you imagine Tyson interrogating a terror suspect? The guy would talk in twenty-three seconds or after two knockdowns. How can you go wrong with a presidential administration featuring two "Iron Mikes."

National Security Advisor: Red Auerbach

This position calls for a cerebral strategist to contrast with the guy we picked to head CIA. You need a balance of personalities. Red, with apologies to Jerry West and WVU fans everywhere, was the greatest individual to ever contribute to the history of the NBA. A great point guard with the Washington Bullets, coach and president of the Boston Celtics. Just wait until the National Security Council staff and the president light up long victory cigars every time a terrorist leader gets sent to his final judgment.

Introducing Your New Superintendent of Schools.....Barack Obama!

Is there any pie that he won't shove his fingers into?

Last week Barack Obama comtinued his ADHD administration by creating for himself a new uproar. He suggested that American students lag behind foreign students in key subjects. Of course Obama cites studies indicating that our schools also require children to attend less than those of other countries.

First of all, I'm tired of hearing about studies that compare the schools of other countries to America. Almost every other country separates children at the age of twelve into different tracks, college bound and vocational bound. Those studies compare all American children to teh select college bound children of other places. When studies compare children as a whole, the United States ranks near the top in everything. The difference between the two systems is that American schools operate on the assumption that all children need encouragement to do the best they can. You never know who will become the next great doctor or playwright.

Why do we continue to cite studies that make us look bad? This is powerful empirical evidence that our schools are not doing the job. Everyone involved claims it means that they need more money. Problem is that America financially supports its schools at a higher rate than any other country on earth.

Obama claims we need to send our children to school for more time. As a parent of two, I believe my children spend too much time there already. I worked in the school system and homeschooled them a couple of years as well and understand that there is a lot of down time. A good homseschooling program can do in a few hours what a school does in seven. The school experience by itself wipes out children physcially and mentally as it is. Their only chance to be kids for any extended period is the shrinking summer break that Obama wants to take away. Character building extracurricular activities will see less participation because it takes a superman to endure a full time job and then football practice.

The problem in our schools is size and structure. Schools are way too big. Everyone knows that as class and school populations rise, educational levels decline. We also need competition that will force administrators and teachers to perform better.

The final problem is the federal government. School control needs to be local. Mandates and curriculum made in the federal and state capitals do not coordinate well with diverse local populations. We need to get back to a time when parents and teachers had more impact on learning than bureaucrats and elected lawyers.

Finally we need to remember that kids need time to be kids. School takes away too much time from that right now. They need time to develop as individuals and find out who they are, not be led here and there down the halls of buildings designed by prison architects. We want children that are educated, not burned out. We certainly do not need another "fix" from the same incompetents that appoint a guy that thinks child molestation is wonderful as the "safe schools czar."

Honestly, isn't everyone just about sick of this guy telling us how he can make our lives better when he has not accomplished one thing in his entire life outside of campaigning?
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Thursday, October 1, 2009

When Describing Obama, Pelosi, etc., Socialism Is Not Just a Buzz Word

I hear it a lot. Liberals accuse us of using socialism as a label to tarnish a target, much in the same way that leftists use the word "racism." Using the "s" word is seen as destroying civility. Of course racism gets tossed at our side by a former president.

So where's the proof that the leftists are socialists? Why not ask the experts on the subject? In 1991 Bartlomiej Kaminski (PhD University of Warsaw, currently professor of government and economics at the University of Maryland) published a groundbreaking study on socialism in Poland called The Collapse of State Socialism . It explains the nature of state socialism, compares it to a free market system, then describes how it is ultimately unsustainable.

The first table in the book lists comparisons of a free market system against state socialism and the comparisons should scare you.

The left wing in America, including the Obama Administration, compare strongly to the listed characteristics of a state socialist regime. I am going to list a few of them:

"Society as an object" Obama does not engage society, he informs it what he expects of it.

"Conflict suppression" Kaminski says that democracies mediate conflict. Socialism finds ways to demonize and marginalize opposition.

"Political unity" Socialist states see unity as the primary goal of politics and achieve it by a variety of means. Democracies believe in political pluralism, the give and take between people that disagree on the issues.

Kaminski sees law in a democracy as being a constraint upon both the people and the government. Socialist states see the law as a tool to accomplish their goals for society.

Democracies at times want to convicne people to act in a certain way and use arguments to appeal to people's reason and sense of self-interest. Socialist states use coercion and bribery.

In terms of the economy, democratic and capitalist systems exclude themselves from the private sector, although they do enact policies that apply to the whole system. Socialist economics tends to be interventionist, trying to alter and control individuals and specific businesses. Democracies tend to create regulations that are understandable and specific. Socialists make the rules unstable and hard to comprehend by design. They want people and business to be constantly breaking the law because it provides the government leverage over them.

In this way, the state system envisioned by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and leftists resembles more a state socialist system than a capitalist one. The government has arbitrary power over people and corporations that it uses to pursue its own goals. History shows that such a system is unsustainable in the long run. That, and the fact that it deprives people of freedom, makes it and the people that advocate it very dangerous.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congresswoman Capito Comments on Latest EPA Announcement

Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., today re-emphasized her economic concerns surrounding the latest announcement from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency that 79 Appalachian region mining permits have been officially singled out for further delay. The EPA announced today that it has finalized its list of area mining permits that will demand “additional review and coordination.”

“Today’s announcement is yet another blow to miners throughout Appalachia who continue to seek certainty from the EPA when it comes to mines across our state,” said Capito, who has argued that the EPA’s ambiguity surrounding permitting standards jeopardizes jobs and economic growth throughout the state.

In its June announcement, the EPA identified more than 100 permits as potentially needing further review. Some of those permits were then withdrawn and others were dismissed for administrative errors. This left the 79 permits that the EPA has now officially determined must receive additional review.

“We’ve seen a slow-bleed of coal jobs throughout the state and announcements like this certainly don’t offer much hope for turning around that trend,” said Capito. “We will continue to see a backlog of permits that threatens to choke off investment and jeopardize jobs throughout the region.”

Capito noted that as of today’s announcement there remains no binding deadline for resolving the outstanding permits and that considerable uncertainty remains about the EPA’s criteria for evaluating potential mine sites.

“Miners can’t meet a standard that has yet to be clearly identified,” she said. “There has to be an endgame. Yet, right now all we have is further review.”

Twenty three of the 79 permits referenced in today’s announcement are located in West Virginia.
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Common Good Versus Tyranny of the Majority

Obama's defenders often point out that those opposing his policies are really opposing the common good. They claim that those that resist higher taxes, government run corporations, and climate legislation are merely selfish, evil, or sinful (yes, those words were all used!)

"Common good" should raise a red flag among freedom loving individuals. On one hand, this phrase evokes an image of individuals banding together to perform great acts of work or sacrifice that benefit almost everyone. A such thing as the "common good" does exist. You see it in the actions of churches around this nation. The most effective and positive actions for the common good come from private and individual action. From time to time the government asks the people to sacrifice for something that can benefit the common good, such as the interstate highway system. It both stimulated the economy and promoted national security.

The idea of the "common good" also cloaks proposals from authorities that benefit fewer people, have less positive impact, but require sacrifices from the people. That is why we as free citizens must scrutinize every proposal that asks us to sacrifice for the common good involuntarily. The government uses high sounding phrases to mask the fact that they want to take your money, freedom, or both.

It is not that many of them do not truly believe it is for the common good. The problem is that we cannot afford to let anyone, especially the Left, define the common good for us in every situation. To many of them, the common good means that they choose what we eat, how often we exercise, and what our kids learn in school and at home.

America has seen many cases where the common good has been a mask for outright oppression. In the 1940s, most felt the common good was served by black Americans being unable to vote, mingle with whites socially, or even fighting alongside whites during World War II. As late as the 1960s several Senate Democrats launched a fillibuster to preserve their interpretation of " the common good" from Republicans and northern Democrats seeking to respect the rights of blacks.

Today those that seek to promote the common good want your money and to force you to purchase a product that you may or may not want. All of this flies in the face of national tradition. Be careful and watch your wallet every time a leftist talks about "the common good."
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Welcome to the other side of the Looking Glass

I have read several articles in recent days that make be feel as I have stepped through the looking glass to the other side. The side where right and wrong are mixed up. One article talks about how the Empire State Building with be bathed in Red and Yellow light to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Government in China. Another talks about a Communist Chinese flag flying ceremony at the White House. Why would, let alone should, the most successful capitalist nation in the world celebrate the oppressive regime that killed an estimated 50 million of its own people under Mao? The obvious answer is we shouldn't.

We should be embracing those that fight for freedom. On the 60th Anniversary of the founding of the Communist Government in China I will be saying a prayer for this fellow. He is a true Chinese hero, no a world hero.

I refuse to celebrate anything but freedom. This Communist Government that we are about to celebrate in Washington and New York is the same government that attacked US Troops during the Korean War, a war that has never officially ended. This same government supplied the Viet Cong that killed US troops in Vietnam. This same Communist Government in 2001 captured a US Navy aircrew after a Chinese fighter jet harassing a P-3 Orion in international waters collided with our plane forcing it to make an emergency landing. The Communist Chinese Government has been caught spying on the US. They block attempts to stop nations like Iran from getting nuclear weapons.

The Communist oppose every freedom we believe in. The world has been turned upside down when the free peoples of the world celebrate those that choose to enslave their own people. Welcome to the other side of the Looking Glass.

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Our Taxpayer Dollars At Work
Wanted: Senior Executive for National Science Foundation. Must be able to avoid looking at porn sites.
Wanted: Supporting staff at National Science Foundation. Must be willing to refrain from placing pornographic pictures of themselves on government computers.
The article above, an exclusive from the Washington Times (not that their crosstown rival would not have loved to be the first on this story) describes how staff and executives at the NSF spent so much time and foundation resources on internet pornography that millions have been spent by their inspector general. The IG was not able to do his real job of tracking down grant fraud; he was investigating a large number of employees spending all day looking at porn. A senior executive defended his actions by saying he was helping to support underprivileged Third World women.
So will ACORN be banned from running this outfit, too?


Congressman Rahall of the Third District recently defended his vote against defunding ACORN as a strike in favor of the Constitution. He (and likely Mollohan as well) interpreted the congressional action as a bill of attainder. A bill of attainder means that the government targets the actions of an individual or group for unfair punishment. The fact that widespread fraud and illegal behavior was found in this organization means that it was defunded for legitimate and legal reasons. The government has the authority to cut off funds when it believes they are being used for fraudulent purposes.
At what point did Congressman Rahall start representing Chicago and stop representing West Virginia?Bookmark and Share

Is Obama turning Afghanistan in to his Vietnam?

As President Obama struggles whether or not to go for the win in Afghanistan we are reminded of a very similar decision made by a President over 40 years ago. General Westmoreland became Chief of Staff of the Army in March of 1968, just as North Vietnamese Army was destroyed by US forces at the end of the Tet Offensive. The media did not report this victory as the victory it was and the public was weary of the war. Westmoreland’s request for 200,000 additional troops had been leaked to the media and was ultimately denied for political reasons.

Today a similar request for additional troops sits on Obama’s desk. History repeats its self at General Stanley McChrystal's request for an additional 40,000 troops was leaked to the press.

Obama should learn from history. The first lesson is let the General fight the wars and keep the politics out of it. If Obama does not give the troops to McChrystal to push to final victory, then American soldiers will continue to die with no chance of victory. That is not an acceptable out come. We do not need another Vietnam.

The way I see it Obama has two choices. The first, if you will not give the troops what they need to win, then pull them out immediately. Do not sacrifice American lives without the chance of victory. However Mr. Obama needs to be prepared for what will follow. Afghanistan will revert back to the haven for terrorist bent on destruction of the United States and the western world. History also shows us that it will destabilize Pakistan, a nuclear armed country.

The second choice is not to repeat the mistakes of Vietnam. Keep politics out of it. Give the Generals what they need to push on to final victory. Win the war and keep America safe.
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Monday, September 28, 2009

Taxation and Resistance

In the late 1760s King George III appointed Charles Townshend to the British Cabinet. One contemporary said that this man had abilities above any man, but judgment beneath any man.

Townshend came to office in a time when the British government was trying to prove a point to its colonies. Colonials believed that the British Parliament could not tax it because Americans had no representation there. The British believed that each Member of Parliament represented the entire empire sufficiently no matter where their district lay.

Townshend tried to raise revenue by passing excise taxes on certain goods thought popular or necessary. Glass, tea, and other items were taxed. Americans were sufficiently roused bythe political nature of the tax. Money would be used to pay colonial governors directly from the British Treasury. Previously the colonial assemblies elected by the people paid these important officials. This taxation had a political goal in mind in reducing the liberty of the people.

Americans responded by refusing to purchase the items, one of the few truly successful boycotts in history. Britain once again was frustrated and angry. However their hands were tied. The government cannot punish people because they refuse to buy something, right?

Today the US Congress is looking at just that. They have proposed a virtual excise tax in the form of compulsory health insurance. Unlike the British they intend to force us to buy it. Like the British their motive is political, transform this country into a bastion of socialism and infringe upon our liberties.

Persistence by the British led to more serious conflict than angry words.
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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Clark Barns to take on Alan Mollohan for Congress

Clark Barnes currently serves as a State Senator in West Virginia's 15th district. Which includes Grant, Hampshire, Hardy and Pendleton Counties in the Potomac Highlands. Barnes is also known as the winning underdog taking on well fund candidates and defeating them on the issues. Clark becomes the 4th Republican Candidate to join the field against Mollohan.

Left to Right: State Senator Clark Barnes, Tom Collins, State Senator Dave Sypolt
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