Saturday, June 19, 2010

Keyser Tea Party has a host of Candidates Speaking

Bob Adams Executive Director of the League of American Voters

Stephen Smoot President of the Potomac Highland Patriots

Mineral County Commission Candidate Dr. Richard Lechliter

Gary Howell 49th House District Candidate

State Senator Dave Sypolt

John Yoder, West Virgina Supreme Court Candidate

David McKinley, Candidate for US Congress

Mac Warner former Congressional Candidate

Friday, June 18, 2010

Keyser Tea Party Scheduled for Tomorrow

Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Tale of Two Immigration Enforcement Cases

A couple of weeks ago, the Mineral Daily News Tribune reported that Keyser police arrested a Mexican illegal alien for assault. When they requested that immigration authorities come and pick him up, they declined, stating that it was not important enough for them to make the trip.

Then comes this story told in a letter to the editor written by the wife of a Cameroon native. Apparently they had enough time to come and raid the home of a man from Cameroon apparently trying to stay in the United tates the right way, but no time to pick up a Mexican illegal who committed a felony about fifteen minutes down the road.

The following letter was written to the Mineral Daily News Tribune on June 14th. Immigration policy is completely out of whack under Obama if the facts stated below are true compared to the case of the Mexican illegal alien in Keyser.

Ridgeley, W.Va. -
To the Editor:My husband’s name is Serge Christian Nyamsi Babo. He arrived in the United States to play in a basketball tournament in Chicago in 1999, at the age of 17 years.He was brought into the country by a gentleman from Cameroon, who had the intentions of selling him and four other boys to basketball coaches. He came into the United States on a Visitor’s Visa. When the man found out that it was illegal for him to sell the boys, he gave them each $20 and told them to go get lunch, then meet back at the hotel.When the boys came back to the hotel, the man was gone. He left the boys stranded, without much money and speaking no English. The slept wherever they could find shelter. Serge ended up being taken in by a family in Indianapolis, Ind. His host father was, and still is, the chaplain for the Indianapolis Colts.Serge attended English classes and taught himself English. He met up with the basketball coach from a local high school. He graduated from Arlington High School in Indianapolis.While attending high school, his guidance counselor told him that they did not have the finances to apply to have his status adjusted to that of a student from a visitor. The counselor suggested that he apply for political asylum. Being young, na├»ve, and speaking very little English, Serge agreed to apply for the asylum. The asylum case was denied.Serge had an attorney, also a fellow Cameroonian, who lived in the United States. Serge was unaware at the time, but this gentleman had been disbarred and his privileges revoked as an attorney. This “attorney” told Serge that he would file an appeal.The appeal to the asylum case was also denied. Serge was granted voluntary departure. His “attorney” advised Serge to go ahead as planned, and marry his girlfriend at the time. Serge did as he was advised, and carried out their plans to get married. The appeal was filed, however the marriage papers were never filed, although they had been paid for. Serge and his wife (at that time) were under the impression that the petitions had been filed.Serge’s marriage did not work out, and he and his first wife divorced.My relationship with Serge began in 2005. Shortly after we became involved with one another, he contacted the INS to get an update on his case. In listening to the automated system, Serge learned that an order of deportation had been issued to him in February of 2005. Still to this day, he has not received a copy of the deportation letter.Serge and I were married in August 2006. Shortly before that, in July 2006, our firstborn son died at birth. Since then, we have been blessed with two more children. We have two sons, ages 2 ½ years and 9 months. We have an approved I-130 with the INS. We just purchased a house in July 2009.Serge has not been hiding from the INS. He has changed his address with them each time we have moved. He does not have a criminal background. He has a Social Security number that was issued by the government in order for him to obtain a work permit. His first work permit was issued in January 2009. He applied to have it renewed, and in January 2010 he received the renewal.He has been working for almost a year for a non-profit organization that houses abused and neglected children. He is a mentor and a role model for them.His case has been dismissed. It was never denied. We have filed a Motion to Reopen, but it was denied by the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals. Our current attorney filed an appeal to the 7th Circuit’s denial, and that too was denied. When the appeal was denied, ICE was notified to come and pick him up. Although it has been almost 11 years since Serge last saw his family in Cameroon, he does not want to go back there to stay. He wants to remain in the United States with his wife and sons. He has already been in prison for almost four weeks now. That’s four weeks of his sons' lives that he has missed. We are trying to get him released from prison, and get his case reopened so that his status can be adjusted. Serge Babo is one of the most important people in my life. He is my husband, my best friend, and the father to our children.Serge is currently being held in the York County Prison, awaiting removal back to Cameroon, Africa. He was arrested by Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) on May 12, 2010 while standing in our kitchen, washing dishes.He is a good man, not a criminal. He should not have to be treated as a prisoner. Prison is not the place for a man of his stature. He does not have a criminal background. He is a person of good moral character, a role model and mentor to children, and is active in our home church.In conversations with Serge, he repeatedly tells me of his two biggest fears: first, that his children will not know who he is when he returns home, and secondly, that he and I will lose all of our material assets which we have worked so hard to obtain.Only 2 ½ years old, Jeremiah is complimented frequently on how well-mannered and respectful he is. This is because of his father’s impact on his life.For the past three weeks, since Serge was taken in to custody, I have had to look into the eyes of this little boy, and try to answer him when he asks, “Where’s Daddy? When’s Daddy coming home?” Try explaining that to a toddler and expect him to understand what is going on. This little boy is hurting. He is heart broken. He sits and cries, and when I ask him why he’s crying, he replies, “Because I want to go get my Daddy.”He only knows that his Daddy was taken away from him by some strangers and they haven’t brought him back yet.Our baby, 9-month-old Jabari, is too little to know what’s going on. He’s not able to ask where his Daddy is, but I am certain that he notices his absence. His face lights up with smiles when he hears his voice on the phone, but slowly, he will forget who his Daddy is and won’t recognize him when they are reunited. Please help me to keep this from happening. These two young boys need their Daddy more than anything! I was rather upset and appalled and could not believe my eyes when I read the article, ON THE RECORD (from June 2, 2010) which read:"9:31 p.m. — Police received a call about a man assaulting a woman in an alley near East Piedmont Street. Arriving at the scene, officers conducted an investigation that determined an assault had occurred. Charged with domestic battery was Jose Velez, 24, who had been staying in Keyser. However, police said Velez eventually advised officers he was an illegal alien. No immigration charges were filed, as police said federal officials from the Immigration and Naturalization Service will not respond to take custody of a lone illegal. As a result of the investigation, Velez was further charged with two counts of obstructing an officer for failing to provide information about his residency, and public intoxication."The INS won't "take custody of a lone illegal"? Are you kidding me? What do you call what they have done to our family? The came into our house, and they took a man into custody that DOES NOT HAVE ANY CRIMINAL BACKGROUND!!I have contacted both Senator Byrd and Senator Rockefeller numerous times. Neither Senator is able to offer assistance. Both offices have given the response that it is legally out of their hands, and they cannot get involved.This is very disappointing. What kind of government do we have? Serge lives in West Virginia with his family. He works in West Virginia. HE PAYS TAXES IN WEST VIRGINIA...yet they still are unwilling to help in our situation.Maybe there is someone out there somewhere who can help us!

Brittney (Rinard) Babo

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Obama Embracing Former Republican Governor of Florida Inspecting His State's Attractions

I'm not going to heavily criticize Florida Governor Charlie Crist for an unguarded moment like this. There's far too much to criticize about him that has real substance. His embrace of Obamunism led to his virtually being read out of the Republican Party. He will probably lose to Republican nominee Rubio this fall.

That all being said, this is a photographic moment that the man probably would rather not be spread.

MSNBC Bashes Obama's Oil Well Blowout Speech

The above link takes you to Real Clear Politics. They carry a transcript of some of the remarks made by MSNBC's ultra left wing political team after Obama's oil well blowout speech last night. Their tone is shocking compared to the gushing they did in 2008, ignoring the conservative accusations that an inexperienced Obama may be in over his head.
Of course they do it in a somewhat disturbing fashion. I do not like the idea of executive command as a model. Leadership, guidance, organization, innovation, these would help. Command is too dictatorial a word for me. Unless the situation involves war, I do not want a president thinking in terms of command.
This situation would try any president. Catastrophes either make or break those who aspire to be called leaders because there is so little margin for error. From the early day that Obama's Administration refused help from the Netherlands to his party with Paul McCartney, the president and his staff seem to have no clue that this is something beyond a political problem. It's actually the opposite of the Bush/Katrina problem. Bush was working behind the scenes to prevent economic disaster and deferring, as he should have, to the state governor. He and his people ignored the political issues created by the perceived lack of engagement. Obama's people have reacted as if this was entirely a political issue, hoping it would blow over, then reacting belatedly by putting on some silly tough guy act.
In any case, it's clear that temporarily at least he has lost the Left.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Addendum to Today's Call For Banding Together

Just took a quick peek over at West Virginia Red, something I do about once a week. Sometimes they have articles of interest when they are not continually and relentlessly attacking Chairman Doug McKinney, Executive Director Troy Berman, or any number of other state executive committee members. Today they did something that went a little too far.

Young Republicans Chairman Mike Howerton occasionally indulges in a little small time professional wrestling. It's an activity that lies somewhere between sports and performance art most certainly. To be good at it requires some acting that is more than a little over the top.

Wrestling's not my thing, personally, at least not since I was a teenager. However, I can see how doing it would be a fun way to earn a little extra cash. Don't tell that to a few of the folks over at West Virginia Red. The responses not only bashed Howerton, but also eventually became somewhat offensive with anti gay remarks. (For the record, Mike is about to get married, he is not gay.)

You know, if you have issues with how he was chosen for his position, or how he performs his job that's one thing. Insults should be beneath us.

Also for the record and by way of example, I remember Republican Sonny Bono being elected to the House of Representatives after singing and starring on a variety show. Christopher Guest, formerly of Saturday Night Live, was a member of the British House of Lords until reform laws disqualified him. Comedy sketch shows are about on the same respect level as professional wrestling, but that did not seem to hurt either of them. I guess the folks who don't like Mike were mortified to see "The Rock" sitting in front of former President George H. W. Bush at the 2000 Republican National Convention. Oh the humanity.


Another thing that is a little more amusing is the attacks they have made on this blog. Basically their beef is that we don't bash Doug McKinney or other people involved with the WVGOP. Maybe they are not aware that not every conservative blog is eager to throw Republicans overboard at least twice a week or more. Over here we do local, regional, and state news along with commentary on current events and pieces on conservative thought, values, and ideals. Maybe that's not as interesting as some of what goes on over there, but our reason to exist is not to insult, tear down, or otherwise carry on against other conservatives and Republicans. There is a serious factional fight taking place in this party. Regardless of what happens this summer, we have to come together afterwards and fight the leftists instead of each other.

Not everyone who writes or responds to West Virginia Red creates vicious attacks, but there are enough to cause hard feelings that won't just vaporize in August. We will all need to work together for West Virginia to do their part, returning Ms. Capito and electing David McKinley and Spike Maynard, plus gaining as many legislative seats and other elected positions as possible.

I don't understand why some folks over there want to make that necessary August reconciliation (again, regardless of what happens!) as difficult as possible.

Time to Band Together

The primary season has just about wound down across the nation. In some states we saw surprises while in others we got pretty much what we expected. In this neck of the woods, Shelley Moore Capito will likely be returned to Congress. David McKinley was selected from a strong field of candidates to represent the party this November. Sure there was some family squabbling there that we don't always see here in West Virginia, but McKinley will do very well this summer and fall.

Across the country, Republicans are preparing for November, but there are two schools of thought on what should happen. The first school says that moderate Republicans squandered their opportunity to make a real impact last time they had power. They played politics as usual, handing out more and more pork while mouthing the principles that got them elected. Voter anger tossed them out for two straight elections. Some say that these men and women ought to be purged and replaced with more ideologically pure Republicans.

Others, such as Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour, insist that we are all in it together and that we all have an interest in defeating the Left wing that holds the angry nation in its grip. There is some truth to this too. The political paradigm has shifted. Voters want debt reduction more than money sent back to the district. They fear socialism more than they want an old theatre refurbished (or whatever. Pick your pork example here!) And Republican voters want no compromise with the Left. They can see that this is a different Democratic Party than in the past. Horse trading won't work right now. But Governor Barbour has a point. We need all Republicans and all conservatives and libertarians period to overthrow Pelosiocracy.

Third parties and factions will doom us this year. Personal antagonism will as well. This year is bigger than all that. Republicans, independents, libertarians, and conservative Democrats need to vote for the Republican candidates whoever they are. They need to support the Republican Party organizations. Some of you are dissatisfied with how the RNC has conducted itself lately. So am I. I'm pretty disappointed some days. Declaring victory well before the election is never a good stretegy. However there is a lot of reason for optimism.

The party is evolving slowly, but surely. Texas's GOP defied their governor and passed a resolution calling for an Arizona style immigration law. State legislators across the nation are coming up with ways to defy unconstitutional federal measures. State attorneys general are filing lawsuits against the expansion of federal power. Most Republicans do "get it." It's time to unify and march on all fronts against an enemy desperate to hold on to power.

Leftism will transform this country stage by stage if it is not stopped quickly. We must avoid the fate that history imposed upon other nations over the centuries. That means setting all else aside and standing up for our rights and our nation. There is a reason that we call ourselves Republicans. This year and in 2012, it is about saving the Republic.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Little Orphan Annie Exits Stage Left and Obama To Return to Campaigning For Himself

The comic strip "Annie" is now ending its run after almost ninety years. Her adventures as an impoverished orphan helped by a benevolent businessman have made the movies and Broadway, but the print run, at least for now, is over.
Annie was a different type of cartoon in that it reflected the viewpoint of the rock ribbed Republican conservatives. She fought New Dealers, bureaucrats, clueless do gooders and social workers. The strip's message was clear. Government can and will screw up whatever it tries to do. Individual initiative and the private sector are better at solving America's problems.
Obama will be appearing tomorrow night to address the nation on the oil spill. His gaffes on the subject actually predate the spill, when he joined the chorus of Bush bashers after Hurricane Katrina. He implied that his administration would reflect confidence instead of impotence. Of course the opposite has been true on all too many issues. Most recently he mused that he was looking for someone's a__ to kick. This was supposed to, perhaps, reduce the perception of Obama as detached intellectual professor and make him sound more proletarian. It came off as naturally as Michael Dukakis riding around in a tank, like a nerd finally trying to look tough and failing.
Obama today inspires more guffaws than confidence. Is the oil well blow out his fault? Probably not. However his refusal to accept offers of help from foreign and domestic sources, his regular partying with celebrities during the course of the disaster, his stilted public appearances, refusal to speak even to the friendly mainstream media all contribute to a breakdown of leadership. Add to that his unwillingness to spend Memorial Day at Arlington to honor the troops, the snubs of important allies, an offer of $400 million to the terrorist group Hamas, and to top it all off the rushing of Vice President Biden to the World Cup when neither Biden nor Obama could be bothered to attend the Polish president's funeral. What did Obama do that day? Did he pay respects at the Polish Embassy at least? No, he played golf.
This is just the last six months. This man is completely out of touch with the people and his responsibilities across the board. It's not just the oil well blowout that has Americans and people around the world worried. His entire presidency is a disaster of catastrophic proportions.