Friday, August 20, 2010

Is Recovery Impossible?

With an out of control debt combined with the government willing to only raise taxes to address it, many Americans ask "can we ever get out of this mess? Is recovery even possible?"

You can see why people ask that question. We are getting close to seeing over 50% of the country on some form of government assistance. Our debt approaches 90% of our GDP. Business are holding back $2 trillion in investment capital because they fear that it will just get confiscated in taxes. The stimulus spending has only driven the private sector into hiding, like John Galt in Atlas Shrugged.Things do look bad. Even worse.....they are bad. Meanwhile China just surpassed Japan as the second wealthiest world economy.

The answer is this. America can always bounce back. This country went from a military of a little over a hundred thousand to many millions in World War II. Then, as now, faith in what we accomplish if we do what is right will see us to victory.

This time the enemy is the basic human urge to let others take responsibility and provide guidance. Freedom is hard, slavery is easy. Free people have to make choices and live with the results. Brave people relish the risk. America has always been the land of the free and the home of the brave. When we get people into office who trust free markets and individuals, we will once again unleash the potential of this country.

This November we will see voters take back the country from those who think they know better. We will see an America with elected oficials that work with what the people want, not try to rule over them.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

For Appearances Sake At Least . . .

For the record, I will say this. I like John Raese. I like his principles and I think he is a good man. This writing is meant in no way to disparage him or his campaign. I also like Metro News, seeing it as the premiere source for state political news. However, someone at Metro News, I believe, goofed in this instance.

Yesterday, Metro News ran a story called "Gas Pedal Down on Senate Campaigns." It featured only the schedule and quotations of John Raese without even mentioning his primary opposition. At the end, the story did include the disclaimer that Raese himself operates Metro News.

It would have been far more appropriate for the writer to have included at least some details from other campaigns, like say the names of the other people running. Even if you want to angle the piece in favor of Raese, a much more subtle approach would pay dividends, such as including some detail from other campaigns, but giving Raese the final quote in the piece. Simply writing about Raese and ignoring the others only leads the reader to wonder about the opposition and why they were not mentioned.

Like I said, I like John Raese, and if he is the eventual primary winner I will be more than happy to do what I can to help him win the Senate seat this November. All the candidates in the field have strong principles. I believe that Raese, like Mac Warner and a few others, can bring lengthy experience and determination to the job and not be overawed by Washington. However, stories like this can only undermine somewhat John Raese's campaign and the integrity of Metro News itself.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mosque? Sure! Greek Orthodox Church? Nope.

Various elements of the government of the City of New York have in recent weeks expressed support, or at least neutrality, when it comes to the building of a gigantic mosque near Ground Zero. Defenses of the building from the president on down have centered on religious and property rights. Even though the building is certainly meant to be an insult, if you believe in these rights, you have to let it go forward.

Then comes the story about the small St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church. This was the only Christian structure destroyed by the 9/11 attacks.

New York's Port Authority, according to Fox News, has ended the congregation's eight year odyssey to rebuild their church. This comes despite community support and the active assistance of former New York Governor George Pataki.

Why is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg so enthusiastic about this mosque while his administration has blocked the reconstruction of a church?

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shelley Moore Capito Garners More Endorsements

The Save America's Free Enterprise Trust, a political arm of the National Federation of Small Business has endorsed Shelley Moore Capito's re-election bid.

The group proclaimed that Ms. Capito's retention in office would help to protect small business within her district and free enterprise across the nation.

The NFIB has 350,000 small business members across the nation and 1,500 in West Virginia.