Saturday, October 23, 2010

The National Debt

Friday, October 22, 2010

Juan Williams Is a Victim of Left Wing Attack On Traditional American Liberalism

Juan Williams is currently a contributor to Fox News Channel and was formerly a personality on National Public Radio. His appearances on shows like Hannity were usually civil and gracious, but Williams is one of the cadre of liberal commentators that Fox calls upon to balance the oratory of its conservative hosts.

Liberals and left wingers generally joke about Fox News's tag line of "Fair and Balanced." My column writing partner Charlie Meyer calls them "F word News." But judge for yourself who is fair and balanced, Fox or the liberal left darling NPR.

On Fox, Williams made the statement that he would feel uncomfortable sitting on an airplane that also carried a Moslem in traditional garb. It was an honest statement that reflected the fact that Islamic fundamentalists tend to be more likely to blow up planes. It was a frank admission by a liberal and a black man who would probably criticize racial profiling. He never advocated any action against the man, but simply admitted his discomfort.

Were NPR smart, it would have involved Williams on air in a discussion about race, religion, stereotypes, and national security. That would have been great radio. Instead it fired Williams almost immediately. Conservatives and no one else have rushed to the defense of the liberal commentator. It sparked a spontaneous and sudden demand from Republican congressmen to remove federal funds from NPR, especially in light of the massive financial support given by left wing billionaire George Soros.

NPR itself stated that it received repeated complaints from listeners about Williams. In the free market, repeated complaints are welcome news because it proves listeners are paying attention. NPR, however, is ideological, not commercial.

Williams was sacrificed to the fact that the Left does not like American liberalism. American liberalism traditionally supports government solutions, but also acknowledges American exceptionalism. The Left hates the idea that we are any better than anyone else. In fact they revel in the idea that we are one of the worst countries out there. Liberals want government solutions, but the Left seeks government control. Left wingers historically hate liberals worse than conservatives because they see them as underminers, devoted to half measures. They are tolerated so long as they are useful.

Juan Williams will be fine. But his firing only underscores the fact that the "conservative" news channel continues to welcome diverse viewpoints much more so than NPR and other bastions of left opinion manufacturing.

Fox News listed a number of offensive statements made on NPR itself. Some were anti-Semitic. Others breezily hoped that four million Christians would evaporate. They called Republicans hate-filled and Tea Party activists "teabaggers."

NPR is right. Williams does not belong there. He is too tolerant and too mature for their brand of broadcasting.

Williams' personal statement on the difference between his traditional liberalism and left wing ideologues is linked below.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The NFL Is Responsible For the Increase of Devastating Hits

I can honestly see the day when the NFL will become a flag football league.
Last Sunday you saw about three or four hits that caused concussions. One of the hits, made by Qunicy Wilson's whipping boy Brandon Merriweather, was flagrantly dirty. When a guy who is five foot nothing butts heads with a standing man of 6'5, that is a dirty play.
The rest were just good football hits where a guy's head just got in the way. James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers was fined $75,000 for such a hit and has threatened to retire. The NFL is in essence about to come up with its own version of a strike zone, allowing hits only between knees and shoulders. In a game where you have high speeds, collisions, and offensive players falling down, this is simply not feasible.
Will the NFL admit its own erroneous moves have caused a spike in head injuries and "devastating hits?" At some point over the past several years, the NFL started calling pass interference calls on defensive players much more tightly. They wanted to get away from low scoring, run oriented football for the allegedly more exciting, higher scoring pass oriented game. Quarterbacks now throw the ball routinely as much as forty times per game. This exposes the smallest and most vulnerable players outside of kickers to more punishment. These are quarterbacks and receivers.
It is common sense that you won't see as many devastating hits on vulnerable players if the offenses run a balanced, or run oriented attack. The players are not moving quite as fast and there are few opportunities to really blindside someone. The NFL wanted to have their faster and high scoring game, but now they wring their hands when the hits get harder and produce more injuries. It is partly their own fault for tinkering with the game.
This goes back to the law of unintended consequences that we apply to politics. When you change the rules, you cannot foresee all outcomes. In many situations, people get hurt. That is why you must be very careful when you change things.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tom Stark's Letter to the Editor About Lies In the U. S. Senate Race

This is a heart felt letter from Tom Stark, former candidate for Congress.

This election cycle produced some of the most blatantly false political advertisements I have ever experienced. Of particular concern is the venom almost palpable in the Manchin and DSCC ads attacking John Raese. Keep in mind that John’s ads have said nothing worse about Manchin than his “rubber stamp” reference which is clearly documented as factual based on Manchin’s own words and actions. Not one word from Joe on his own accomplishments or lack thereof. Let's take them one at a time: -

Raese “lives” in Florida where he bought/built a home to avoid WV taxes.

Taxes are higher there than here. Many West Virginians own homes in FL. John owns the home in FL to provide a place for his wife and daughters to live while the kids attend a special school known to be the best at accommodating the disability one of his daughters has. I’d say that was admirable, not a bad thing at all. -

Liz Raese cannot vote for her husband because she lives in FL. John’s wife resides there during the school year to take care of her children, and he visits during the school year when he is able. She qualifies to vote in FL because she lives there more than she lives here and would be unable to come back to WV to vote with any consistency. It is unfortunate that she cannot vote for her husband, but her civic responsibility is also to be admired. I doubt they enjoy the separation, but do it for their children. -
Greer Industries has a bad safety record.
At least one of Greer’s safety awards (among many they have received) was presented to them by Joe Manchin. In fact, the mine pictured in the background of Manchin’s ad criticizing Greer’s record has a far worse safety record than any of the Greer facilities. -

Raese is not “in touch” with the people of WV because he’s rich.
The Democrat brand of politics relies heavily on “class warfare” and “class envy.” Divide and Conquer. Truth be known, if most people who resent and hate the wealthy people in this world spent as much energy and time in productive pursuits rather than resentment and hate, perhaps God would reward their spirit and shower them with blessings as well. The Raeses are both good people who have been fortunate, but that is no reason to claim they are out of touch. Liz and John Raese have done many good things for their community in WV. The Raeses and the Greers have contributed to the health of the WV economy for over a century, and providing jobs for thousands heads the list. What scares Democrats about John Raese is that he is not a career politician. He is committed to his beliefs in the Constitution and freedom. That threatens the control that Congress and the administration are determined to force on the American people.
John needs our help on November 2 to stop them.
Tom Stark

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

They Are Basically Saying Now "We Did a Lot of Stuff"

This is the last, desperate gasp of the Journo-List set. It has appeared in a few different stories, but they use the same quote. This is "the most productive Congress in history."

The time is long past when these people can play with words and expect people to fall in line. Postmodernist thought taught at every university teaches liberals and leftists how to play with language to manipulate assumptions. Conservatives took those classes too. Even those that did not will not be fooled again by such blatant foolishness.

"Most productive Congress in history." I remember when I was younger, my little brother decided to make French toast on his own. He was probably six. He used one or two eggs, half a gallon of milk, and 3/4 of a loaf of bread. Of course he had no idea what the egg to milk ratio ought to be, turned up the stove too high, and basically ended up with a mess. A productive morning it certainly was. It also cost a lot of resources. It was definitely unprecedented. But was it a good idea, or should he have just left well enough alone for the time being?

This Congress has done a lot, but your average manure distributor has created more useful product. More taxes, rules, regulations, and bureaucracy are laying waste to our economy. What would really be productive would be a requirement that federal regulations be streamlined, trimmed, and eliminated every so often. Let's have a mandate that 10% of federal regulations be cut every two years. We would probably be surprised how much smoother the country would function.

The more Congress does, the worse it gets for all of us.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Potomac Highlands Patriots Hold Another Successful Rally

The Keyser based Potomac Highlands Patriots held a huge rally at the Grand Central Business Center in Keyser complete with music, candidates, and informational speakers. Well over one hundred attended the rally to hear speeches touching on family values, the economy, and Obamacare.

The PHP have been very active in this election cycle, holding rallies and erecting billboards in support of candidates. Under new president Monroe Johnson (perfect name for a Tea Party leader) they will soon have a website put up as well.

Meanwhile, Shelley Moore Capito, among others, blasted the latest War on Coal outrage. The EPA once again decided to toss coal miners out of work to advance the Obama agenda, this time in Logan County. Capito called it a "gross overreach of federal power."