Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Yeager Airport (Charleston) Director Weighs In Against TSA

According to a West Virginia Metro News story, Yeager Airport Director Rick Atkinson is sounding off against the invasive pat downs implemented at many airports across the country. Atkinson says the TSA may be going too far.

He is right and also rightfully concerned. Only 15% of people in many polls have a problem with the nude body scanners, but many more have a problem with the "invasive" pat downs unveiled for this holiday season. Reports have even shown three year old children crying hysterically as a TSA official tries to run hands over the child's body. A man recovering from bladder cancer had his urine bag upset after he repeatedly warned them of its presence. He had to go on a plane covered in his own waste.

While these searches can find non metallic substances that can be threatening to a plane in flight, clearly they upset a large number of people. Airlines and airports may see much less traffic on short to moderate length plane trips as people decide to simply drive or not go at all. The new procedures also have extended the length of time passed in one's attempt to eventually board a plane. The flights to many normal destinations have become too burdensome and inconvenient and the free market will respond.

Of course the airlines will see a drop in revenues, causing them to demand compensation (i. e. bailout) money from the government caused by the actions of the government and the adverse publicity generated. Airports such as Yeager in Charleston will also suffer.

It's time for a new tactic. Get TSA hands away from sensitive parts of people's bodies.