Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shelley Moore Capito Joins Republicans In Announcing "A Pledge to America"

Sep 23 2010
Capito Presents A Pledge To America
Republicans Offer A New Governing Agenda For The American People
Today, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R-WV, joined House Republicans in unveiling A Pledge to America, a new governing agenda for the 111th Congress at the Tart Lumber Company, a family owned business in Sterling, VA. The Pledge is the end result of ongoing conversations with the American people through the America Speaking Out initiative.
“For too long, the voices of Americans have been ignored. I hear from West Virginians every day who are reaching out to Congress to express their concerns about the growth of government. West Virginians are hard-working, humble people who value accountability and transparency. It’s long-overdue that we take action to ensure the government lives up to these principles. I am proud to stand with my colleagues and the American People today as we unveil a governing pledge to restore us to the type of government that is responsible to the people,” stated Capito.
Some of the pledges made today by the House Republicans are:
to ensure transparency and accountability in Congress and throughout government
to fight to increase access to domestic energy sources and oppose attempts to impose a national “cap and trade” energy tax
to fight the growth of government and oppose new stimulus spending that only puts our nation further in debt
Background: The agenda offers concrete solutions that can be implemented immediately to tackle the issues that are most important to the nation, including job creation, spending restraint, national security, health care, and reform to Congress itself.

West Virginia, Not Open For Business

I went out the other afternoon to get my hair cut and ended up with an education on how difficult it is for a typical small business to operate in West Virginia.

I overheard a conversation about the licensing necessary to simply own a hair salon. Apparently the owner needs three separate licenses which require three separate fees and are due at three separate times. At one point, the state licensing bureaucracy, like the Division of Motor Vehicles, sent out a courtesy notice when the licenses were due to expire. This stopped under the Manchin Administration. New regulations were passed under Manchin's governorship that required yearly education credits and observance of additional regulations. All this to cut hair!

I suggested that a small business owner might be in better shape if they simply took their equipment to their basement and cut hair under the table for cash or barter. As a matter of fact, I used to know a local woman who did just that, but who has since moved out of state. The establishment owner insisted that following the law is always the right thing to do and it is always worth it to remain in compliance. And this is true.

The reality is that state, federal, and local government are always looking to add new taxes and regulations to burden business. During the conversation, I learned that Maryland has more rules than West Virginia, but they are sporadically enforced. West Virginia enforces its rules equally on all, so they do get credit for observing the concept of rule of law.

Ever increasing taxation and regulation will force a lot of formerly legitimate small business into the black market. They will work for cash or some other exchange and be more profitable, more efficient, and less burdened. Maybe it is not right or fair, but it will happen. We need all levels of government to make compliance more simple, not more difficult. Why do hair stylists and barbers need three separate licenses? Consolidate into one license. This is easier on the business. It is also easier on the taxpayer who now has to pay three bureaucracies to process three licenses.

We need business to be simple and easy. We want owners worrying about profits, not fines. Republicans need to make this a priority when they finally win state office.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Races Tightening In West Virginia

According to some polls, John Raese has pulled ahead of Governor Manchin for the U. S. Senate special election. David McKinley is also gaining momentum in his race to win the West Virginia First Congressional District. He has a fifteen point lead among those most concerned with that particular race.

Below is a message from David McKinley to his supporters.

With less than 60 days until the election, the race is in a dead heat!

Last week was incredibly positive for the McKinley for Congress campaign!
We kicked it off with an exciting rally in Parkersburg with FOX News commentator Dick Morris. Click HERE to view WTAP's coverage of the event. Thank you to the over 500 hundred people who braved the heat to come out and show us their support!
The following day, I met with leaders of the WV Chamber of Commerce at their summit conference. It was an honor to welcome Congressman Pete Sessions, the Chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee, to the conference. Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito also graciously co-hosted a successful fundraiser on my behalf.
Over the weekend, we received amazing news that we have made tremendous gains with the voters and are considered in a dead heat to win this election. For more details, read "McKinley Polls Shows Closing Gap with Oliverio."
This week we welcomed another nationally respected leader ("More Stumping for McKinley") to West Virginia for our campaign. Indiana Congressman Mike Pence joined us for the opening of our Wheeling headquarters.
Here are some additional political tidbits of particular interest:
Our internal polling shows that those paying the closest attention to the First District race for Congress give McKinley a 15-point edge.
A Wall Street Journal story coming into the weekend carried an analysis from the nonpartisan Cook Political Report of 76 seats in the U.S. House considered to be “at risk.” Fifty-one of those seats are “Democratic seats once considered safe” but “have gone from ‘solid’ or ‘likely’ Democratic to being competitive or favoring Republicans.” West Virginia One is among those 51 seats.
A front page Sunday’s New York Times story on “How Democrats Hope to Hold Their House Majority” included the newspaper’s own projection of “a best case scenario” under which “Democrats assume they could win eight of 16 competitive open seats currently held by Democrats.” The Times notes that Obama won eight of the 16, McCain the other eight, including W.Va. 1, which it rates as one of six “toss ups” among the 16.
So, a seat in Congress that has been in Democratic party hands for 42 years clearly seems poised to flip when internal McKinley polling showing a tightening ballot, The Wall Street Journal puts the seat “at risk” for Democrats and the New York Times rates it a “toss up.”
Keep working everyone! You are helping shape a historic election.
David B. McKinley

Republicans Once Again Demonstrate Support For Coal and its Miners

Capito Rallies For Coal On Capitol Hill
Today, Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., spoke at the Pro-Coal Rally on Capitol Hill to support the coal industry and the American coal miner. The event was hosted by a coalition of pro-coal organizations from Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia.
“Current regulatory challenges and looming cap and trade legislation are threatening the viability of coal mining throughout Appalachia. Instead of hearing our cries to use this country’s great natural resources, we only see further regulation and the slow shutdown of the coal industry while we further increase our dependence on foreign sources of energy,” stated Capito who was the event’s MC.
Hundreds of miners and representatives from the Appalachian coal mining communities traveled to Washington to defend the economic viability of the coal industry which supports hundreds of thousands of jobs nationwide. The goal of the rally was to send a clear message to Congress that coal must be included in our energy future.
“Coal is affordable and abundant and mined right here in America. It supports thousands of jobs in West Virginia and across our country that we can’t afford to lose at a time of near double digit unemployment. I am proud to stand with the miners at today’s rally to remind Congress of the vital role this reliable American energy resource plays in our economic and energy portfolios,” concluded Capito, co-founder of the Congressional Coal Caucus.
Additional photos available on Facebook and


Meanwhile, Governor Joe Manchin continues to try and serve two masters. He claims to not be an anti-coal liberal, but he says that he can work with Obama. Remember in 2008 that Joe Biden while speaking in Ohio foresaw the end of coal as an American industry. The current administration is hostile to West Virginia, yet Manchin claims that he can work with them.

You cannot serve two masters. You cannot obey Obama and represent West Virginia.

No rubber stamps.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time to Fire Coach!

No I am not talking about Bill Stewart. I know that the governor hired him and that many have found him disappointing in some ways. I like Bill Stewart and think he should stay on. He's done a good job and shows promise for an even better future.
Yes he is a nice guy, too. However, if he failed to deliver wins consistently, I would say he should be fired. If West Virginia University finished in the bottom half of the Big East the past few years, I'd be saying get rid of him. No matter how nice someone is, if they fail over and over, you must get someone else to run your program.
West Virginia fans are not completely satisfied with anything less than first place. They would be mortified with being in the bottom half of the conference. Rightfully, they expect very good, if not the best, from athletic leadership.
And then every November, most of them will dutifully go off and vote Democratic. Democratic leadership for the past eighty years has earned us not just bottom half results, but usually bottom fifth, if not dead last.
Yes, the Democratic Party's leadership and ideology in West Virginia has led to literally decades of failure. Republicans have only had a few governorships and have never controlled the Legislature. Our economic indicators and ratings of business friendliness hover near the bottom. Sometimes they do edge up, but that is like Syracuse getting excited because they scored more than ten points against a power team.
We need actual improvement. That only comes from a change of philosophy at the top. The Democratic Party's vision for West Virginia has been so bad, that we accept losing as inevitable, as being something that we all share a part in, for whatever reason. And we do. So long as we keep elected people who share the same failed vision, we will always be near the bottom.
The Democratic Party has coached this state for eight decades and has led us to last place. Time to fire the coach.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Sarah Palin Again

Admittedly there is something alluring about Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor has tremendous charisma. Her speeches mystify intellectuals and electrify crowds. Those who witness her political performances often evoke images of Reagan. She certainly attracts attention and ire from many sides. The question is whether or not she is the right standard bearer in 2012.

Personally I am not completely sold on her. My main issue lies in her abandonment of the chief executiveship of her state. The voters put their trust in her and she left them for brighter lights and bigger cities before finishing the job she started. This does not leave a good taste in the mouths of rural folks. See Rich Rodriguez for an illustration.

On the other hand, I'm reading Lou Cannon's biography of Ronald Reagan from about 1982 or so. It reflects the doubts held about Reagan from figures in both parties. It also details the confidence that Jimmy Carter and his people had when Reagan won the nomination in 1980. They saw him as an intellectual lightweight and underestimated his hold on regular folks. Obamunists have that same cockiness about Sarah Palin.

Although Palin and Reagan share some attributes, Palin falls short in some respects. Reagan completed two terms as California governor, his second term besting his first in effectiveness. He also had three chances to hone his national campaign abilities. Few remark about his 1968 presidential run. Palin has never run her own national campaign.

Don't get me wrong, I admire her for what she has done and what she can potentialy do. I do think that she needed the seasoning and the added clout of finishing her term as governor. From what better position could she have attacked the anti-state measures of Congress and Obama while remaining relevant to national politics? Also a governor remains a little more immune from the sometimes demeaning "celebrity treatment" that has been meted out by the media to her family.

Is Sarah Palin prepared to win a presidential campaign. Likely, we'll soon see. That being said, I would be more comfortable with a figure that has more experience