Thursday, April 12, 2012

Oprah Winfrey Versus Liberal Attacks on Ann Romney

According to Oprah Winfrey's blog "Life Lift" stay at home moms are worth quite a bit. She cited a study that measured the total hours per week worked by a mother at over 100. It estimated that a mother's economic worth was a little over $115,000 per year. Not bad. Obviously that figure rises with the number of children that a mother might have to take care of.

Don't tell Obama associate and liberal blogger Hillary Rosen that.

Just as Obama's campaign struggles to paint the Republican Party as anti-women. Just as Mitt Romney struggles to forge connections with average Americans. The liberals gave Romney a gift.

Rosen wrote a blog post that slammed Ann Romney, wife of presumptive GOP nominee Mitt and mother of five boys, as "having never worked a day in her life."

When confronted, Rosen backtracked (read it here ) but refused to apologize to Romney.

Ann Romney responded by saying on Fox News, "My career choice was to be a mother, and I think all of us need to know that we need to respect the choices women make." Then she added, "And by the way, let me give a shout-out to all the dads that are at home raising kids."

Just as George W. Bush softened his roughneck cowboy image with his gracious wife Laura, Mitt Romney's wife will also bring their own family story into the light.

Maybe Americans can't identify with a CEO turned governor. But they do understand that mothers still face challenges, no matter how rich or poor.

Hillary Rosen just introduced Ann Romney, mother of five, to the media and to the American public. And that will not harm the Romney campaign in any way.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One Heck Of A Ride

Rick Santorum gave it a heck of a go. And as of yesterday, it went.

Few gave Santorum a shot, mainly because he lost his US Senate seat by double-digit numbers. Then came one of the most remarkable primary campaigns in history, more reminiscent of Agatha Christe's And Then There Were None . . . than an election. You had Romney and the anti-Romneys. Fortunately for the now certain nominee, the anti-Romneys one by one made us forget why we didn't like Romney in the first place.

Santorum had tremendous energy, an amazing amount of fight, and a strong fixation on principles. Unfortunately for Santorum, he forgot what this election was about. He found himself led into talking about contraception, pornography, and many other issues that are not at the core of this cycle's concerns.

Americans want to hear how they will be getting back to work, paying less for gas, and how we will pay off the debt without taxing the population to poverty. Porn? Not so big of an issue this year.

Only Newt Gingrich's diversion into discussing moon bases served as a better example of why it is bad to get off focus. (And I happen to think that private moon bases are a good idea.)

Although (and Santorum supporters, please don't shoot me) I grew less and less enamored over Santorum as a candidate, I respected him more and more as an individual. He will make an outstanding leader of some socially conservative organization, a great advocate for traditional values. And that will be his forte more so than being president because it is obviously his passion.

Those who worked for him should look back at their efforts with pride. Who would have foreseen this improbable run a year ago?

Now it is time to get behind the nominee and get the Incompetent One out of the White House

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

They Are Making Sports Fun Again

Last fall it was Tim Tebow. His optimism, hard work, and gregarious Christianity made him beloved among some fans and despised by others.

Then Jeremy Lin captivated New York City by stepping in for an injury plagued New York Knicks franchise to carry it during a key run early in the season. His Harvard education, positive attitude, and strong Christian faith won him a sudden army of fans and endless band puns on his name.

Now meet Bubba Watson. He just won the most prestigious tournament in golf, at least this side of the British Open. And he reminds you more of a year round resident of Augusta, rather than a member of the PGA traveling road show. He is unassuming, plays for fun instead of profit, is unabashedly Christian, and completely irreverent.

In other words, the anti-Tiger.

Watson, like Phil Mickelson, is completely fan friendly. Unlike Mickelson, he has a strong charisma that will build a good following if he continues to win. These guys together are good for golf in that they make the game more accessible and appealing to the fans in a way that Tiger Woods never could.

Woods was once as consistent as a machine, and almost as friendly. It was hard to really root for him because he radiated so little warmth, like pulling for the drill against John Henry.

Watson and Mickelson are making golf fun again. Friendly with fans, men of good character, these are people that can bring people back to the game.

And these guys, as well as Tebow and Lin, remind us that good people sometimes do finish first.