Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Know Your Scandals

Watergate was a horrific abuse of presidential power. Nixon obstructed justice and acted as if he was above the law. He also got what he deserved, or perhaps less than he deserved......BUT

Watergate did not cost taxpayers a half a billion dollars in bad loans to presidential cronies.

Watergate did not result in the death of any law enforcement officers or contribute to the violent destabilization of a friendly democracy. Nor was it used to try to subvert the Constitutional rights of millions.

Obama's administration is the most dangerously corrupt and out of control in American history. He tried to get a news network that did not agree with his positions delegitimized by the rest of the media. He has unconstitutionally appointed, without the consent of Congress, over sixty executive branch officials. He has overturned Congressional acts with executive orders, again, in violation of the Constitution.

A vote for Obama is a vote for criminals.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Left Has Met the Enemy, and They Think It Is Them

The refrain is familiar and bizarre at the same time. Leftists bash Tea Partiers as racist, violent, revolutionary, and dangerous. How could they come to such conclusions about a group that, even when it gathers by the tens of thousands barely even litters and also shows a strong affection for an actual American black, Hermann Cain?

Simple. The Left remembers their own period of protest, which was much different than now.

Left wing protests in the 1960s made a habit of race-baiting and used shockingly vile language against whites.

Left wing protests sparked actual violence in most major cities. It seems that they could not congregate at all without causing a riot.

The Left called for violent overthrow of the system and used the language of power, control, and even murder.

This is the Left's historical memory of protest. It is not surprising that they would assume that the Tea Party would behave as badly as them. It frustrates them that conservatives have not destroyed their own movement in the same fashion as the Left.

Monday, September 26, 2011

We Won't Let Campaign Spokespeople Speak Or Write With Horrific Sentence Structure

From the Tomblin campaign...

We won't let New York multi-millionaire Bill Maloney who made his money drilling and digging in other states, then investing it in West Virginia, then selling out somehow because he obviously sold out because he made this money on his own and not by an Obama Department of Energy handout win a campaign with crazy ideas, such as free market, non-crony capitalism, that will take power away from West Virgina Democratic multi-millionaires and union bosses who actually happen to be the same people in some instances.

O. K., maybe not from the Tomblin campaign, but it does sound a lot like their really, really strange talking points.