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Barbara Boxer Plays the Race Card Against a Black Businessman

House bill to allow DC abortion funding and medical marijuana


Democrats — Mollohan, N; Rahall, N.

Republicans — Capito, Y.

Voting yes were 215 Democrats and 4 Republicans.

Voting no were 38 Democrats and 170 Republicans.

Time to Roll Out a Plan of Action: the Honest Deal

10% unemployment and rising. Capital investment and purchases in decline. Yup the Democrats have done a great job since Congress took over in early 2007 of running the economy into the ground. Deficit spending and tax hikes are getting the country nowhere. Time for Republicans to roll out a plan. Here are some ideas:


Well, this will be a tax cut but it will probably bring more revenue than expected. Establish four numbers for income tax, zero, ten, fifteen, and twenty. Earners below a certain threshold pay zero, then ten percent, then fifteen, then twenty. No deductions allowed for any reason.

Eliminate any taxes on savings and investment. Our biggest economic problem as a nation is lack of capital even though we are the most productive country on earth. Encourage savings and investment in the United States.

This is not a tax, but here's a thought on Social Security. Stop raiding it for funds and deposit it into banks where the money paid in can collect interest. We put Bernie Madoff in jail for life for creating a failed Ponzi scheme that people had chosen to join. Who in the federal government will pay when this Ponzi scheme collapses? At the very least this fund will collect interest and help replenish the kitty while injecting real money into the economy. This is what we should have implemented rather than a bank bailout.


The federal government needs to cut back its budget ten percent in real terms. There are quite a few ways to accomplish this.

How much money does the federal government waste on foolishness every year? Time to cut back on sheer waste. Any public service announcements funded by the government are a luxury. Get rid of them.

Federal grants not related to technology development or national security should be suspended for two years. No funding for art or humanities studies at all. again, this is luxury spending.

No work on new road projects for five years. Complete what we have started and maintain what we have.

Stop funding questionable groups like ACORN. That is a no brainer. Also stop funding any get out the vote efforts. If people don't know an election is coming in November of even numbered years, we might not really want them to vote anyway.

Cut off any education or welfare funds to states that distribute them to illegal aliens. Sorry, no benefits for those breaking the law. While we are at it, release states from unfunded mandate obligations while so many of them are about to break from the economic strain.

Cut off foreign aid that is not security related. Also suspend payments to the United Nations. This is a luxury we cannot afford.

Cut back the Census to a Constitutional minimum.

Of course there are thousands more ideas on cutting spending. If we stop proposing more crap and cut from what we are spending, life will be much easier and prosperity will return. Then when the economy is back on a firm basis, you can have luxuries like art and humanities grants.


The United States relies upon cheap energy as an advantage in production. This offsets the labor cost advantages of third world nations when we have it. We need to make it a federal priority to increase the production of energy in this country to meet our own demand and to also make us an exporting nation when possible. Do what is necessary to get more power plants constructed. Do what is necessary to access a wide variety of energy sources, not only coal and natural gas, but also wind, solar, freshwater hydroelectric, and wave power. Get those power bills down and you will have more money available to invest and spend.

Simplify federal laws related to manufacturing. I am not saying that we should compromise the environment or work safety, but we add so many laws on a regular basis, how can industry really keep up? Every country from time to time has to evaluate laws and re-codify them. Let's make the law more understandable and more obeyable by simplifying it.

Get rid of all shares of privately owned companies. Also get the government out of the railway business. Privatize whenever and wherever possible.

Cheap power, tax cuts, and less government spending. That is how a country gains and keeps prosperity. This should be part of the Republican Plan for Resurgence. Call it the Honest Deal

Unemployment Rates by County in West Virginia, Not Seasonally Adjusted

Area May 2008 May 2009 Net Change

United States

5.2 9.1 3.9

West Virginia

4.2 8.5 4.3

Barbour County, WV

4.7 9.5 4.8

Berkeley County, WV

4.7 9.4 4.7

Boone County, WV

4.0 9.7 5.7

Braxton County, WV

4.4 8.3 3.9

Brooke County, WV

5.4 12.4 7.0

Cabell County, WV

3.8 7.2 3.4

Calhoun County, WV

5.6 14.2 8.6

Clay County, WV

5.5 11.5 6.0

Doddridge County, WV

4.5 8.0 3.5

Fayette County, WV

4.3 9.7 5.4

Gilmer County, WV

3.5 7.8 4.3

Grant County, WV

4.6 8.9 4.3

Greenbrier County, WV

4.7 10.1 5.4

Hampshire County, WV

3.8 8.4 4.6

Hancock County, WV

5.4 12.4 7.0

Hardy County, WV

4.1 9.8 5.7

Harrison County, WV

3.7 6.9 3.2

Jackson County, WV

4.8 13.2 8.4

Jefferson County, WV

3.7 7.4 3.7

Kanawha County, WV

3.5 6.9 3.4

Lewis County, WV

3.9 8.0 4.1

Lincoln County, WV

4.7 10.8 6.1

Logan County, WV

4.1 8.7 4.6

Marion County, WV

3.5 6.0 2.5

Marshall County, WV

4.5 9.3 4.8

Mason County, WV

6.7 13.0 6.3

McDowell County, WV

5.8 13.0 7.2

Mercer County, WV

3.8 7.0 3.2

Mineral County, WV

4.2 7.3 3.1

Mingo County, WV

4.1 10.4 6.3

Monongalia County, WV

2.7 4.7 2.0

Monroe County, WV

4.2 7.7 3.5

Morgan County, WV

5.4 9.4 4.0

Nicholas County, WV

4.4 9.0 4.6

Ohio County, WV

4.0 8.4 4.4

Pendleton County, WV

4.2 7.9 3.7

Pleasants County, WV

5.1 9.8 4.7

Pocahontas County, WV

9.7 17.2 7.5

Preston County, WV

3.5 7.7 4.2

Putnam County, WV

3.3 7.0 3.7

Raleigh County, WV

3.9 8.2 4.3

Randolph County, WV

5.6 10.4 4.8

Ritchie County, WV

5.1 9.8 4.7

Roane County, WV

6.0 13.2 7.2

Summers County, WV

4.5 8.2 3.7

Taylor County, WV

4.2 7.9 3.7

Tucker County, WV

6.0 12.5 6.5

Tyler County, WV

5.3 10.4 5.1

Upshur County, WV

4.2 8.2 4.0

Wayne County, WV

4.7 8.2 3.5

Webster County, WV

6.0 11.7 5.7

Wetzel County, WV

6.1 11.7 5.6

Wirt County, WV

5.9 14.0 8.1

Wood County, WV

4.6 9.5 4.9

Wyoming County, WV

4.6 12.0 7.4

NOTE: Rates shown are a percentage of the labor force. Data refer to place of residence. State and county data for both the current and prior year are subject to revision early in the following calendar year.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Rockefeller, Byrd must vote NO on Anti-Gun Sotomayor

Sotomayor had this to say on gun rights, "I understand how important the right to bear arms is to many, many Americans. In fact, one of my godchildren is a member of the NRA. And I have friends who hunt." She said nothing on her stance in that statement. Understanding how important gun rights are to some and supporting the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution are two different things. Having friends that hunt or family that are members of the NRA, doesn’t mean she shares those opinions. That was a total dodge of the question. You only dodge the question when you do not want to reveal your true feelings.

When Tom Coburn of Oklahoma asked about gun rights, Sotomayor said, "I can't answer...because I can't look at it in the abstract.” There is nothing abstract about the 2^nd Amendment. It is quite clear, “the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” Coburn went on and pressed Sotomayor asking if a person had a fundamental right to self defense. Sotomayor’s reply should have been, “Yes!” It was not, she stated, "What we do is different than the conversations citizens have about what they want the law to do. It's not that we make a broad policy choice and say this is what we want."

Founding Father Thomas Jefferson summed up his feelings in letter to Peter Minor, July 20, 1822 when he wrote, “I presume he is a gun-man, as I am sure he ought to be, and every American who wishes to protect his farm from the ravages of quadrupeds & his country from those of biped invaders. I am a great friend to the manly and healthy exercises of the gun.” The Founding Fathers were quite clear the right to defend ones self and ones nation were to be in the hands of the people. Sotomayor’s position does not reflect that of the majority of the nation, the people of West Virginia or that of the Founding Fathers. Our Senators in Washington should vote NO on her appointment to the US Supreme Court and we must ask them to vote NO. The number for the Senate switch board is 202-225-3121.

Capitalism Beats Alarmists Again

Remember when alarmists told us that biofuels made from corn would drastically increase the price of that basic staple?

The best measure for whether or not that has held true is to go down to WalMart and see for yourself. Look at the price of an ear of corn. Earlier this year it was something akin to forty or fifty cents per ear. That's not really too bad and the early prices for fresh corn are usually higher.

This week I bought some ears for twenty cents a piece. That seems about right for this time of year and it should keep dropping as we move into harvest season. Now I thought that we were supposed to have a worldwide disaster because of the switching of production to biofuels. Of course people around here know that a lot of land lies fallow. If you increase the price for corn, you will see people increasing production. Is that what happened here?

Perhaps. Perhaps not. The bottom line is that capitalism has provided corn for fuel as well as corn for food without raising prices in the long run. Most alarmists base their predictions on models that do not take into account rises in production. The media will usually report the alarmists' point of view because it makes for more interesting copy. In the boring old real world, as long as we keep it, capitalism will provide food and fuel as efficiently as possible.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Is there a correlation between Unemployment and Election Results?

Obama Administration pushes race/sexual orientation based "Hate Crime" bill

According to, Lanier Swann, the special assistant to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. "Moments ago Majority Leader Reid filed a hate crimes amendment to the DOD Authorization Bill. He then filled the tree, which means no amendments can be offered to his amendment, and filed cloture on the amendment."

The amendment is not based on fairness under the law, but on race or sexual orientation. The facts of the matter are any violent crime is a hate crime and should be punished equally. Race or sexual orientation should never be the basis for the punishment for a crime. Those convicted of a violent crime should be treated harshly and equally no matter if the victim is straight, homosexual, male, female, black, white, etc.

By calling for cloture to rush the bill through, this will limit debate and could allow a race/sexual orientation based bill to move forward into law. We must have equal protection under the law with no special classes of citizens. If you value our nation of equality ask for this amendment to be removed from the bill. The number for the Senate switch board is 202-225-3121.

County to waste more taxpayer money on Water Shortage Farce

The on going waste of taxpayer’s money on the fake water shortage continues. As our economic continues to slide deeper into the recession many people are cutting back and saving their money for the future, but for some reason government doesn’t want to do the same thing. This puts an ever increasing burden on the taxpayers when they can least afford it.

The Wednesday addition of the News Tribune reports a WVU student was paid $5,000 as a precursor to a much larger study. The PHC reported last year that “DHHR notified the county they are making available $92,000 to assist with the study.” This $92,000 of taxpayer money is just an assist as the full study is expected to cost somewhere around a quarter million dollars.

This is what the study will tell us: We will find that Piedmont gets its water from Savage River in Maryland, the Elk Garden area gets its water from Grant County, and Ridgeley and Wiley Ford are connected to Cumberland’s water supply for now. This means that many of the people of Mineral County don’t even rely on water from within the county. History will also show that even in the worst drought, the Keyser and New Creek water systems have never ran out of water. Also keep in mind that the Limestone Dam is a water reservoir for the city of Keyser that is no longer used and they can’t seem to empty it, because to much water flows into it. The Mountaintop Water Department commissioned a study which claims that their reservoir contains over 100 million gallons of water and does not drop much even in dry spells.

The study will also find that Jennings Randolph Lake has 41,000 acre feet of water in storage that is enough to supply every man, woman and child with 100 gallons a day for over 13 years if the river stopped flowing today. There is an additional 51,000 acre feet used for water quality management, so we are looking at over 27 years worth of water if it didn’t rain for the next 27 years and nobody in Mineral County uses any of that water now!

The county government is acting very strange and very anti-business on many issues. Consider that the County Commission is not actively supporting the $138 million dollar investment in the county on the Wind Project which will generate an additional $326,591 in taxes for the school system alone as reported by the News Tribune on Wednesday. I cannot understand why the county commission would not actively support the increase in funding to the school system. County Commissioner Spiggle’s wife Betty sent a letter to the Public Service Commission actively opposing the project and can be viewed on the Public Service Commissions website. Commissioner Wayne Spiggle pushed the County Commission to request making US 50 a Scenic Byway which would hinder business. Now it is the water study, which if not done correctly, can be used as a way to restrict business growth and economic growth.

It is time for the County Commission to stop wasting the taxpayer’s money on anti-business policies and water studies. If you want to spend our tax dollars on water, then we believe you should spend it on providing additional water and water safety. Connect the different water systems in the county together, so that in an emergency the separate water systems can help each other. If a chemical truck were to wreck and spill its contents into New Creek, then a connected system would allow Keyser to bring in water from Elk Garden or Piedmont. If water quality becomes and issue in Fort Ashby, then water could be supplied from Fountain or elsewhere in a connected system.

The More Things Change . . .

The American people have witnessed the calamitous consequences of full and unrestricted Democratic control of the Government. It has been a record of unparalleled incapacity, dishonor and disaster. In administrative management it has entailed an unceasing deficit, eked out ordinary current expenses with borrowed money, piled up the public debt, forced an adverse balance of trade, kept a perpetual menace hanging over the redemption fund, pawned American credit to alien syndicates, and reversed all the measures and results of successful Republican rule. In the broad effect of its policy it has precipitated panic, blighted industry and trade with prolonged depression, closed factories, reduced work and wages, halted enterprise and crippled American production, while stimulating foreign production for the American market. Every consideration of public safety and individual interest demands that the Government shall be rescued from the hands of those who have shown themselves incapable of conducting it without disaster at home and dishonor abroad, and shall be restored to the party which for thirty years administred it with unequalled success and prosperity.

Republican Party Platform of 1896. The more things change, the more things stay the same.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WV Delegation Returns from Young Republicans National Federation Convention

Press Release

Monday, July 13, 2009 Contact: Lisa Peana

For Immediate Release (304) 730-4599

 WV Delegation Returns from Young Republicans National Federation Convention

National Committeeman Elected to Regional Position

Kenova, WV - The West Virginia Young Republicans Delegation returned from the Young Republican National Federation Convention that was held in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Kevin Noe, WVYR National Committeeman was elected Sunday as Secretary for the Southern Region.

“I’m honored to serve, and I am determined to work to build a better network of Young Republicans that will continue to work to strengthen our core values,” said Noe.

The YRNF Convention activities included board meetings, the election of officers, establishing dates for future national meetings, appointment of positions, and establishing a statement for the YRNF.

“It was a privilege to be part of WV’s full delegation to be seated at the convention which is the first time in recent history that WV carried full voting power.” added Mike Howerton, WV YR chairman.

The convention began Wednesday, July 8th and concluded Sunday, July 12th. The WVYR Delegation consisted of 5 YR’s allowing WV to cast the state’s full voting power. The Delegation include Mike Howerton, Chairman; Kevin Noe, National Committeeman; Lisa Peana, Executive Director; Matt Clay, Secretary; Jamison Jeffrey, delegate.

For more information about the WVYR visit


Henry Morganthau and How Liberalism Has Changed For the Worse

Henry Morganthau served Franklin Roosevelt as Secretary of the Treasury during World War II. Needless to say, as a faithful practitioner of Judaism, Secretary Morganthau shared with the majority of Americans a deep hatred and disgust for Nazi Germany. Even before the full extent of the Holocaust was revealed by Allied troops, he had devised a plan for postwar Germany.

Morganthau, a liberal in a liberal administration, advocated that Germany be completely deindustrialized. Her factories would be demolished and her economy returned to an agrarian basis. This would serve as a means to prevent any resurgence of German power while punishing her for misdeeds.

What we have seen in this country over the past few decades is a reduction in our national ability to actually do anything. How long does it take to build a power plant? How long does it take to build a road? How many manufacturers have decided to build abroad because they do not want to go through the unending process of permits, studies, public hearings, etc.? Why would they not want to avoid the Byzantine labrynth of federal, state, and local laws as well as the off chance of a ridiculous lawsuit? Once you reach a certain threshold of regulation, how possible is it to avoid committing infractions of some sort?

Liberals do not want industry, at least left wing liberals do not. They take the money and support of unions and then turn around and pass laws, taxes, and pursue policies designed to destroy traditional manufacturing. What they want is clear, an America of forests, farms, and tourist attractions that do not attract many tourists. We wouldn't want to mess up the natural wonders by having too many real people looking at them. They want jobs, but only high tech, academia, health care, and other employment they consider "clean."

In other words they want to do to America what a liberal Secretary of the Treasury once thought was fit as a punishment for one of the most evil regimes in history. So many of the extreme leftists think that we are that as it is, spreading democracy and capitalism as we have.

Monday, July 13, 2009

WVGOP's Underwood interns’ Summer Roast

Press Release


Monday, July 13, 2009 304-768-0493

CHARLESTON, W. Va.Please join the WVGOP's Underwood interns’ for a Summer Roast tomorrow Tuesday, July 14 at 6:00 P.M. at the Riverside Shelter in Coonskin Park in Charleston. As Republicans, we have decided it is time to eat pork, not waste and spend it like the Democrats. Come join your state GOP legislators, party activists and community leaders as we pass out pork the only way everyone can enjoy it. No bailout money required – however, donations are welcome! Red t-shirts will be sold for $20.00 with the slogan – "Eating pork so the Democrats don’t spend it." For more information contact Shane Wilson at 304-768-0493.


Paid for by the West Virginia Republican Party

Just in Time For The Fourth of July, Compulsory Health Care

You are going to buy health care and you are going to like it.

The Senate's version of health care deform includes a clause that makes it mandatory to purchase health care. Those who opt not to will face a federal fine of $1,000 per year.

I do not even pretend to be able to understand the monster that Congress and Obama is currently trying to conjure. All I know is that taxpayers will be paying for something that will eventually be worse than we can possibly imagine. The government will be shouldering a great deal more of the decision making and organizational burden currently held by the private sector. If anyone thinks that this can be run without corruption and extreme inefficiency, they should check out other federally run operations.

The worst aspect is compulsion. Advocates say that we have to buy car insurance, why not health insurance. The difference is at the end of the day you can choose to ride a horse, a bicycle, a bus, or use the feet God gave them. How do you avoid the all compassionate hand of Mother Government?

And if we ever dare to ask why, Obama answers "because I said so." The Won cannot be bothered to defend his ideas except in front of sycophants at specially arranged "town meetings."

This sets yet another ominous precedent in our path towards feel good fascism. If Republicans can only delay this monstrosity past this year we have a chance to bring this process back to an American way of thinking.

Blast from the Past: This for that