Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Did Scott Brown's Election Save Highland Arts Unlimited's Funding?

Okay, Scott Brown winning in Massachusetts being the savior of our local Highland Arts Unlimited's state funding might be a stretch of logic. However, health care deform as currently proposed by Congress could eliminate state funding for these kinds of programs.

The West Virginia State Constitution, unlike its federal counterpart, requires that the budget be balanced every year. We cannot go into debt. That is a pretty good idea that Congress may want to consider someday.

Health care deform, Obama and Pelosi style, will require that the State of West Virginia pick up the tab on hundreds of millions of dollars worth of medical care coverage for the elderly. It is yet another unfunded mandate where Congress tells a state they must do this or that, then declines to send money. In this case they cannot send money because thei idea is extremely expensive and they have already given much of the cash to ACORN anyway.

West Virginia, one of a very few states meeting all its obligations with a surplus to boot, would have to take on this massive new cost. Since we are overtaxed already, funding cuts to non essential programs would be necessary. Bye bye to other things such as state employee raises, including teachers. Health care deform as advocated by the left wing powers that be not only bankrupts the federal government and raises our taxes, it hurts everything.

Scott Brown's election proves that even many liberals hate health care deform and are suspicious of Obama and Reid. Hopefully it forces a complete reconsideration of this issue. Few people recall that Medicare took many years to create. The left wants to put a more massive program together in the space of one year, rushing it out the door after secret meetings, leaving states, companies, and individuals paying the bill for decades to come. Brown's election, hopefully, sends a message by conservatives and liberals that this monstrosity cannot pass as is.

And if that happens, West Virginia's budget will not be busted. And we can keep funding these programs that help brighten our community.

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