Friday, July 11, 2014

Twenty-Five Years Ago Today: The Most Dangerous Game Day Promotion Ever

Hard to believe when Americans currently live in a time when companies weigh legal ramifications of every move, but 25 years ago tomorrow a professional sports franchise had a promotion involving dynamite, illegal drugs, and potentially deadly flying discs.

Welcome to the 1970s.  Welcome to "Disco Demolition Night."

Between two games of a twi night double header, the Chicago White Sox declared the end to disco by blowing up thousands of records on the field at Old Comisky Park.

Few could recount this as well as the New York Times  Joe Lapointe in 2009.

It was disastrous, possibly deadly, completely irresponsible, but memorable enough to bring a smile a quarter century later.

And it reminds you that fun is almost dead.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Beulah Balbricker Is Alive And Well And Working As a Police Investigator In Manassas, Virginia

One must watch this rather NSFW video to understand the comparison here.

The Washington Post reports that Manassas police want to bring a 17 year old boy to the police station, inject him with an erection causing substance, and photograph his  . . . shall we call it a tallywhacker?

Why?  They believe that he sent a photograph to his 15 year old girlfriend via text.  This technically violates child pornography laws and could subject him to years in prison and a lifetime of being a registered sex offender.  

But forcing him to strip in front of a group of men, injecting him, and photographing his erection is somehow OK.

Remember, actually having sex with her is legal.

In the 1970s, a loose approximation of this was seen as fodder for laughing at the prudishness of some in society, represented by Beulah Beulah Beulah Balbricker.  Now it is seen as acceptable police practice?

Child pornography laws were passed to protect children, not to allow police to victimize them.  And certainly not to impose upon a 17 year old a stigma that could annihilate any chances at a normal life.

Child sexual abuse and pornography is a serious and dastardly problem.  But the investigation and punishment need to fit the seriousness of the crime. No way should a 17 year old who sent a picture to his girlfriend have to face jail or a lifetime stigma.

Monday, July 7, 2014

The War On Holly Fisher

Once upon a time, Holly Fisher was an active conservative gadfly in the Charleston social media community. Now the mother and Army wife is liberal hate target number one.

Two posed pictures and struggles with the new reality of Obamacare put her in the crosshairs.  Fisher first posed in front of a Hobby Lobby with a pro life T shirt and a Chik Fil A cup with a guarantee that liberals would lose their minds.

Of course they did, attacking her body, her hometown, and any other target they could imagine.  Obviously, her attackers showed almost as much disdain for her conservative home state of West Virginia as they did her and her values.

When gently chided (much like David Allen Coe to songwriter Steve Goodman) that she did not in fact have the perfect All American woman picture, she posed with an American flag, Bible, and gun.

The Blue Street Journal blog responded by putting her beside a picture of an Islamic woman with a Koran and gun, asking rhetorically if this is the image that we want sent to the world.  Such a comparison directly insults both her husband, currently engaged in the War on Terror, and the reality of a free and outspoken American woman.  Fisher's daily dose of common sense would get her jailed or beheaded in Terror World.

Why does the Left attack so violently?  Why the war on this particular woman?

Fisher is everything that old feminism purported to stand for.  She is empowered, meaning ready, willing, and able to defend herself confidently.  That may be via argument on social media, or, worst case scenario, she is handy with all manner of guns, too.  As an Army wife, she must take charge at home when her husband is doing his duty for country.  In a world where women are free to choose, Fisher chose to make her family her priority.

Although I have no idea if they ever met (it's likely their paths crossed at some point) this reflects the conservative feminism that former secretary of state Betty Ireland used to talk about.  

Liberals really fear this trend.  A generation ago, women almost uniformly gravitated towards the liberal left.  Although Republicans do not have a majority of women behind them, those that do have grown outspoken.  In West Virginia, and many other states, they have assumed top billing in the state party.  Liberals think in terms of group identity, whereas conservatives look at individuals.  That is why liberals cannot fathom why women or minorities would ever adopt conservatism and vote Republican. 

Follow Michelle Malkin's coverage of Fisher.  The party of "binders full of women" has gone on a hate bender over Fisher.