Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Scott Brown: the Latest Name to Keep Democrats Awake A Nights

Who woulda thunk it? The seat christened by Democrats as "Ted Kennedy's" as if by feudal right may fall to the Republican Scott Brown today.

Kennedy in his last few years dedicated himself to getting a socialist or semi-socialist health care system passed in the United States. He already achieved his goal of promoting endlessly expanding federal intervention into the educational system (much to the ire of almost every teacher.) Democrats sought to make his death a catalyst for their ideas passing into law.

The most liberal state in the Union may be about to say no. Brown ran a strictly conservative campaign squarely against federal level health care deform. Massachusetts already has their own system, thank you very much. Why should they pay again for people in other states? Good question! Why should they saddle themselves with billions of dollars more in costs that the federal government will provide zero help to cover? Obama talks about savings(that do not exist), but declines to mention that state taxpayers will pick up much of the tab left unpaid by federal taxes. Brown proves that the plan has failed to even get support among the most liberal electorate in America.

If Brown wins, Democrats will try to circumvent Senate rules and push their deformed monstrosity through anyway. They know that this issue has tarnished their brand and made a mockery of all their claims to support transparent government. Even if Brown loses, it demonstrates that conservative momentum is still picking up and that Democrats not willing to commit political hari-kari over this issue have just cause for concern next November. Alan Mollohan, perhaps to the consternation of Democrats at this point, has decided to file for re-election. Republicans in the first district, contrary to usual political convention, would probably have a more difficult time against a more conservative Democratic newcomer than an established Obama/Pelosi supporter. Against Mollohan they can fire away at associations between him and the extremely unpopular speaker for months and gain tremendous support.

This month it comes back to Scott Brown. We hope that the Massachusetts voters can step up and demand the kind of change that favors voters and their interests, not taxing and giving away. They rebelled against unfair taxation once before and started a nationwide revolution. They can do it again today.

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