Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mike Stuart Selected As State Party Chairman

At the state Republican Party summer meeting yesterday, Mike Stuart won election as party chair.

Regular readers of this blog know that I personally supported Doug McKinney's re-election. I felt that he had accomplished a great deal as party chair in retiring the debt, hiring an experienced executive director, and finding a good headquarters location. I would say that the party owes Dr. McKinney its thanks in leading it through a difficult time for Republicans across the nation.

That all being said, this is one of the most important election cycles we have seen in recent years. West Virginia has an opportunity to help overturn the left wingers currently running Congress. We need Maynard, McKinley, and one of the Republicans running for Senate representing this state. We need to end the assault on our rights and the ideals of this nation. Mike Stuart is now our party chair, so we need to get behind him and his efforts to get Republicans elected in West Virginia. Party unity is essential at this point, especially since the Democrats in West Virginia seem as divided as ever.

We also call upon Chairman Stuart to reach out to McKinney supporters and make this party whole. One party working together will get Republicans elected this fall and that is why we are here. Doug McKinney counted many devoted and principled Republicans among his supporters, as did Stuart. We hope that Stuart will personally reach out and invite these men and women to help him build his team and keep the West Virginia Republican Party momentum moving forward.