Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Sad and Sudden Passing of a Monumental Figure

We'll miss Andrew Brietbart. His co-workers can tell his story better than we can.

Rest in peace.

Time to Scale Back Attacks on Romney

The wall is up. The writing is coming. Barring a significant reversal on Super Tuesday, Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee for president.

I have to admit, I still think Rick Perry would make a good president. He's back at the Governor's Mansion in Austin.

Bobby Jindal never ran.

Newt Gingrich annoyed too many people.

Etc. etc. etc.

Mitt Romney has run a steady, unspectacular campaign. He doesn't present himself as the one answer to all of life's problems. If he can go a week without accidentally reminding people how much richer he is than we are, people may even grow to like a man who obviously loves his family and has shown long term bouts of competence.

Is Mitt Romney an unprincipled flip-flopper, or is he a guy whose views evolve and who is ultra-responsive to what his voters seem to want? Either way, polls show that most folks hate Obamacare. The vast majority of his voters hate Obamacare. His past record of adhering to what his specific constituents want indicates that he will shoot down Obamacare regardless of what he did in Massachusetts.

America, especially conservative America, has evolved as well. Ron Paul's greatest contribution lies in helping to push the GOP and conservatism into a more rights based philosophy. What seemed conservative to some fifteen years ago is now seen as big government.

You don't need to love Mitt Romney. It's better if you don't. That means that, if elected, he knows that he is on a short leash and has no opportunity to develop hubris.

We are conservatives. We don't need to love our nominee. We are not looking for "the One." We just need to elect someone who will roll back this insidious march to socialism. And if Mitt Romney is our nominee, so be it. I'll fight for him zealously.

But everyone needs to stop peeing in his Corn Flakes, because he will likely win the nomination.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wyoming Preparing For John Galt Scenario

The national debt is close to $15 trillion. Most of the civilized world, including China, has heavily mortgaged the future to pay for the present.

Wyoming's House of Representatives has taken up a bill to fund a committee to create contingency plans in case of national collapse. “I don’t think there’s anyone in this room today what would come up here and say that this country is in good shape, that the world is stable and in good shape — because that is clearly not the case,” state Rep. Lorraine Quarberg, R-Thermopolis stated.

Representatives backing the proposal have requested $16,000 to fund the operations of a committee that would explore continuity plans should the federal government collapse. These would include a Wyoming issued state currency and laws to enable the function of commerce.

It would not be a bad idea for West Virginia to start looking at continuity plans, too. In a doomsday scenario, the Mountain State would be worse off than Wyoming, due to its proximity to major metropolitan areas and the likelihood of having to absorb panicked refugees.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hydrofracturing and the Environmental Protection Agency

Don't get too excited because you never know what might happen.

A week ago, Lisa Jackson, Obama's field marshal in the War on Coal, delivered a stunning message that should make every jaw drop in the continuing struggle over Marcellus Shale drilling and hydrofracturing.

“I think that fracking as a technology is perfectly capable of being clean. I do."

Now you do have to read between the lines; "perfectly capable" leaves Jackson a lot of wiggle room if the Left rears its ugly head and pressures her fearless leader. It does, however, throw a bone towards Pennsylvania, who now relies heavily on revenues from shale gas.

However, it is an encouraging sign that the EPA will not attack gas in the same fashion as coal or oil. At least until they get taken to the woodshed by environmentalists.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Ditching Afghanistan

Last week American officials accidentally burned Korans. Afghan soldiers intentionally killed American soldiers. Barack Obama apologized profusely. The Afghan government is silent.

In 1956, U.S. allies went off the reservation. Britain, France, and Israel, all three heavily dependent upon American support and defense, initiated a war against Egypt over the Suez Canal. They all backed off after a private, but fiery threat from then-President Dwight Eisenhower to cut them out of the alliance system.

A president with more sand would call Karzai and demand an apology and restitution for the families of military men sent to protect Karzai's government. The alternative would be an immediate and total withdrawal coupled by a 100% shutting off of support. Then create a cordon sanitaire around the nation. If Karzai falls and Iran wants to go play, provide support to groups that could tie Iran down there. Perhaps also carve out a territorial portion of the nation for those who supported us and for others who want to live in some era beyond the 11th century. Within this westernized enclave, work on complete education of women and the abolition of pedophilia. Maybe this area can serve as a model for the rest of the country to join when it sees the benefits of living Western.

But otherwise, abandon the place to its hellish fate, if that is what it wants.