Friday, July 9, 2010

Is Anyone Else Tired of the Sturmabteilung Tactics of the Left?

The New Black Panther Party is videotaped in the act of intimidating white voters in Philadelphia. The Service Employees International Union invade people's yards to intimidate young teenagers whose relatives happen to be connected to banks. These and other groups advocate even more extreme action to further their own agendas.

Why do we tolerate it?

The Sturmabteilung was the main group that facilitated the rise of National Socialism to power in Germany. They specialized in street violence and menacing law abiding citizens, especially Jews. Leftists, which Hitler and teh National Socialists were, lioked to push the envelope when they operated in a democracy only to clamp down when they took power.

Fortunately, these thug tactics horrify a majority of independents and a minority of Democrats. This has led to Obama and his radicals being unable to maintain a tight grip on power despite their efforts to intimidate the media and politicians.

But how do we the people fight back when we see thugs and National Socialist wannabes show up to try and scare good and decent people? If you are in an area where these types congregate at election time, first call the law, then call the local Tea Party organization. Safety exists in numbers and cameras. The presence of cameras and almost instantaneous uploading of video to Youtube and news organizations will make sure law enforcement does its job and may even restrain the thugs.

This is our country. We want traditional American elections, not voters intimidated like they are voting in Venezuela. Hopefully we will have a government soon that recognizes the fact that no difference exists between the New Black Panthers and the Ku Klux Klan when it comes to bigotry and bad intentions. And if the SEIU comes onto private property, well if you are in a Castle Law state, you know what to do.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Congratulations to An Old Friend of West Virginia Politics, Chris Stirewalt


Examiner's Stirewalt to Fox News
By Matt Dornic on Jul 08, 2010 09:54 AM
In an email to staff this morning, Washington Examiner Editor Steve Smith announced that Chris Stirewalt will be joining Fox News as a political analyst. See memo from Smith below:
It is with a mixture of sadness (for us) and happiness (for him) that I announce that Chris Stirewalt is joining Fox News as a political analyst. His contributions to the Examiner are almost too numerous to list. He expertly directed our White House, Congress and politics coverage. He wrote a fresh, perceptive and witty political column twice a week. He rose at dawn every weekday to comment on the news, often sardonically, in Morning Must Reads, which has become an addiction for thousands of people across the country; he took time out from his desk duties to show the Examiner flag on television, making more than 40 national TV appearances last year alone; he offered snappy headlines and sure-footed news judgments as we put together the paper every day; and, above all, he brought the gift of laughter to the newsroom. Chris arrived 2 1/2 years ago after a distinguished newspaper and television career in West Virginia. He leaves us as one of America's brightest young political commentators. Please join me in wishing him every success.
Cheers, Steve
Stephen G. Smith
The Washington Examiner


Congratulations Chris Stirewalt. You've come a long way since pounding the beat in Charleston for the State Journal. May you continue to rise!

Statement from the Republican National Committee

July 7, 2010
CONTACT: Press Office202-863-8614
View This Statement At
The Republican National Committee today announced the West Virginia Victory campaign to establish the in-state political operation to ensure Republican candidates are successful in November. In partnership with the West Virginia Republican Party, the RNC is providing funding and resources to promote strong Republican leadership grounded in small government, low taxes, and fiscal responsibility. In addition to staff and resources on the ground, West Virginia Victory will have full access to communications, research, and political support.

By leveraging these tools, Republicans will compete aggressively in West Virginia and deliver a clear message to voters that it’s time to stand up to Barack Obama’s big-government agenda.“The RNC is excited to partner with the West Virginia Republican Party and invest in the Mountain State to provide voters with a clear choice between the tax, borrow and spend agenda of Washington Democrats and the fiscally responsible, pro-growth Republicans. “West Virginia Victory will tap into the high amount of voter energy, excitement and momentum we are experiencing within the Republican Party and use it to ensure that Republicans are elected across the state,” said Chairman Steele.

“I’d like to thank Chairman Steele for providing the West Virginia Republican Party with these essential resources. They will have a tremendous impact on our ability to deliver the Republican message of lower taxes and fiscal sanity directly to West Virginia voters,” said West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Doug McKinney. “With a sophisticated operation at the state and local level, we can capture the outpouring of support that we are already seeing here in West Virginia. Our volunteers are energized and ready to stop the tax and spend policies of Democrats across our state.”


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Representative Shelley Moore Capito Statement on Special Election

While West Virginians continue to honor the life and legacy of Senator Robert Byrd, the process to select a new U.S. Senator has already begun among our state’s elected officials. The U.S. Constitution places the power of filling a vacancy correctly with the voters while allowing for state legislatures to permit temporary appoints by the Governor. I am confident that a West Virginian with a distinguished record of public service can be appointed in an open and transparent process to serve on an interim basis until a Special Election can be held. The West Virginia Secretary of State announced that under current election law the Special Election will not take place until the 2012 election cycle. While that may be the correct interpretation of the current law, I do not believe it is the right course for West Virginia.

The power of our vote should never be limited or delayed in selecting our elected officials, and 28 months is too long for any person to serve in an elective office through appointment. I encourage the West Virginia Legislature to amend our state’s election code and allow for a Special Election during the current election cycle on November 2, 2010. For the first time in 26 years, voters may go to the polls this November to select a new U.S. Senator. As this process will create intense speculation on potential candidates, it will ultimately allow for a healthy discussion of the pressing problems facing our state and country. Throughout my almost 14 years in public office, I am constantly reminded that elected officials are caretakers of that office on behalf of the people.

Private Sector Development Works

Recently the Greenbrier resort had one of its most star studded weekends in recent years. Not that it has not hosted its share of such events going back to the days when Southern belles would gush at the presence of Robert E. Lee, but this party marked a comeback for the grand old lady.
Jim Justice, known more for coal than celebrity, sold one of his mines and poured tens of millions of dollars into modernizing the Greenbrier. With a boost from local voters, he built a casino reminiscent of Monte Carlo and also attracted a PGA event to its famous course. Those who made the event saw basketball and golf legends as well as actors and actresses enjoying a stylish evening in Southern West Virginia.
This is what is possible in the private sector, even in West Virginia. Some several years ago called for the state to take over the struggling hotel and the government prudently refused. Private capital made it much more of a success than it ever could have been under government control. Don't forget that this was made possible with a vast fortune created by coal.
Barack Obama believes that a person should only be able to keep so much money that they earn. If Jim Justice had his fortune taxed away from him, we would be looking at the eulogy of the Greenbrier instead of its rebirth.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

NASA's Most Important Mission

Almost fifty years ago, John F. Kennedy gave our space program direction and a sense of purpose when he challenged it to put a man on the moon before 1970. Scientists around the country worked with engineers and remarkably developed missions that accomplished that feat. Considering the technology of the time, it was an exceptional achievement.

So what is the great push in the 21st century? According to NASA chief Charles Bolden, he was told by his boss, you know who, that his primary mission is to reach out to Moslems.

Say what? Yup. he has been charged to reach out to remind Moslems of all of their achievements in science, technology, and space exploration. I am not joking or making this up even though it sounds like a Saturday Night Live skit.

CXharles Krauthammer nailed it when he said this reeks of imperial condescension. It's also a bizarre perversion of the mission of the agency. These are engineers, not diplomats; scientists, not sociologists. Their mission is to get us to Mars, to get the space station to work efficiently, to "go where no man [or robot] has gone before." One dime spent by NASA in this wrong headed attempt at using engineers to community organize is too much and troubling in the extreme.

Once again, Barack Obama's failure as a leader ends up as a waste of our nation's time and money.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Patriotic Clip of the Day

Click on the Above to see Kate Smith singing God Bless America to an adoring Philadelphia crowd in 1976.