Friday, March 26, 2010


This week, Barack Obama showed tremendous disrespect to two of our country's most faithful allies in the post World War II era.
First was Great Britain. Argentina once again wants to push a claim for the Falkland Islands. They got their hand slapped last time they tried to seize them. The Iron Lady Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher fought hard to regain them. British military power drove off Argentine forces. Now Argentina is pushing once again for the islands. Despite the fact that only British people live there, Obama sided with the Argentinians. This came a year after a calculated social snub of that country's Prime Minister.
Now Obama's behavior insulted the Prime Minister of Israel. Benjamin Netanyahu came to the White House for high level discussions. It is customary for the world leaders to eat together, then appear as the visiting leader leaves. Obama simply left Netanyahu alone to eat privately and informed him he could find his own way out.
This behavior is outrageous and unprecedented. Even enemies under previous administrations received better treatment than Obama has shown friends.
Obama is no president. He is simply a third world type thug temporarily occupying the presidency.

Devin Ebanks' Dilemma

Here's a nice dilemma. You have worked hard for fifteen years to become one of the best at what you do. You go to West Virginia University to play for one of the greatest college basketball coaches in history. It's not an easy ride, certainly Bobby Huggins expects the best from his players, no demands the best. You come to the end of your second season and you almost have college basketball figured out. Another season at WVU would polish your skills and miximize your chances of going high in the NBA draft.

But there are lots of reasons to try and go this year before you are fully ready. You might get hurt. Rookie salary rules might change. But here's the biggest issue. Taxes are about to go through the roof on every level because of what Obama and Congress have just done.

You think your hundred million dollar contract pays you that much? Think again. With socialism in place, the idea is to soak the rich. That might soon include Mr. Ebanks. All that money these guys spend on expensive cars, homes, custom clothes, for the most part goes to American workers and businessmen who help these guys craft the image they want. It looks like waste and it is not always smart spending, but it does put Americans to work.

Mr. Ebanks, like most folks, probably wants to make as much money as possible from all the hard work he has put in. And it is hard work to be the best basketball player possible. Weight lifting, endless practicing on all facets of the game, this takes more time and effort than most put into their jobs. Basketball at this level is less a kid's game and more of an entertainment job. Ebanks deserves his money just like anyone else.

Will Ebanks jump to the pros this year? He is still a raw talent, maybe too raw to be drafted high. However if he is drafted, he can at least make some big bucks before the big time taxes kick in.

How high can those taxes go? Ronald Reagan in the late 1930s paid 94% of his income in taxes. Professional athletes can probably expect the same unless we remove Obama and Pelosi from power.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

On Revolutions . . .

Karl Marx always predicted that a Communist revolution would commence when corporations on their own combined and formed monopolies. This would expel businessmen and professionals from the ranks of the middle class and wealthy into those of the poor. Angry and frustrated, they would join with the poor to supposedly launch a revolution that would establish a Communist dictatorship.
We may soon see wealthy and middle class individuals thrust from comfort into the ranks of the poor, but it could be Obama's Marx and Mussolini inspired reforms that do it.
Obamacare will require a rise in all our taxes. The requirement that health care be purchased is in itself a sort of tax, as Matt Lauer actually pointed out. It was President Ronald Reagan, that evil and uncompassionate Republican, who removed the working poor from the federal tax rolls. Barack Obama just put them right back on them.
State taxes will fly through the roof because Obamacare requires that the states pick up much of the cost. Many states, including West Virginia, have a balanced budget requirement, something Congress cannot even conceive of. West Virginia and many other states will see their economies collapse as a result.
As taxation forces unemployment to rise and reduces the size of incomes, people will try to cope by joining the under the table black market workforce. This will include professionals who have debt and tuitions to pay.
Desperation could set in and create the conditions necessary for a revolution unless relief is granted by the United States Supreme Court, the states, or a Republican Congress elected next November.
It would be different if this came about with popular support. It only happened because of bribes from Obama and arm twisting by Nancy Pelosi. The country is divided as most have not seen since wither the 1960s or the 1860s. States are passing anti-federal legislation not seen since the 1830s. If they have teeth, there could be a constitutional crisis coming soon. If the economy continues to slump, if taxation grows to an unbearable point, the people and state governemnts will push back and push hard.
I'm not saying this will happen. I'm definitely not saying I want it to happen. I'd rather just see a GOP Congress come in next year and end this horrible nightmare. But the anger is real. Once people see the rewards of their labor and investments siphoned away and given to someone else, a political payment will come due. You can only push people so far.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make Them Accountable!

Time to get out and start a revolution. Keep the pressure on. Encourage state attorneys general and legislators to work to undermine and nullify every part of this illegal legislation. Most important, support candidates for Congress who promise to repeal this violation of our Constitution and our natural rights. Democratic congressmen that switched their votes and suddenly got huge appropriations for their districts after they switched their votes to yes did not even have the decency or intelligence to put off announcing the payoffs made to them.

Yes, your taxpayer dollars now fund baby killing.

And keep your eyes open. Pelosi promised to railroad more changes through in this manner.

Our motto must now be to hold them to account. Every single congressman who voted against liberty and the Founding Fathers.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Capito Expresses Disappointment with End Product of Health Care Debate

WASHINGTON—Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., today expressed deep disappointment over the passage of the government take-over of health care in the House of Representatives, saying:

“Tonight was a missed opportunity for Congress to heed the wishes of the American people and produce a bipartisan solution to the health care challenges faced by this nation. We know that Americans want health care reform, but this bill is not what they’re asking for.

“For the last year, I have promoted common sense reforms like enacting meaningful medical liability reform, allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines and promoting wellness and prevention. These simple solutions could have brought down skyrocketing costs and expanded access to health care for more Americans.

“Instead, Congress has once again favored backroom deals over transparency, espoused big government over small businesses and chosen tax hikes over spending cuts. These decisions only further cement the American people’s sentiments that Congress is tone deaf and disconnected from the challenges faced by everyday Americans.

“Rather than pushing this legislation through Congress in spite of the American people’s wishes, the Congress should have gone back to the drawing board. A person’s health is not a partisan issue and the solutions for health care reform should include ideas from both sides of the aisle. The people of West Virginia deserve better.”