Friday, September 11, 2009

Congresswoman Capito Says Announcement is Latest in EPA Delays and Continues Troubling Uncertainty for Miners

As the Environmental Protection Agency today announced that they would effectively block nearly 80 mining permits across the mining region, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-WV, expressed her concerns about the potential economic impact of the administration’s decision.

“With a new announcement from the EPA comes more delays and continued uncertainty for West Virginia miners,” said Capito. “As I’ve said before, it’s certainly appropriate to have legitimate oversight and review of all proposed permits, but today’s announcement amounts to the latest in a series of decisions that create still more ambiguity for mines across our state and region. Our nation depends on West Virginia coal as a domestic resource to power our economy and we can’t afford never-ending delay on the many outstanding permits. ”

Over the course of the summer, Capito met with officials at the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers where she highlighted the stakes of the continued evolution of the permit review process.

“In my discussions with officials at the EPA, I’ve regularly stressed that their decisions stand to directly impact jobs in our state and today’s news of further delays is a troubling development. Simply put, the decisions of bureaucrats in Washington have a real personal impact on West Virginia families.”

Twenty three of the 79 permits mentioned in today’s announcement are located in West Virginia. The EPA, which will have final approval on all permits, gave no binding deadline for completing their enhanced review process.

“This can’t be an endless process,” added Capito. “Yet it’s beginning to seem like it might be, and that’s unfair to mining families and mining communities throughout the Mountain State.”


I remember where I was when it happened. Very few historical events take me back to where I was at the time. Ronald Reagan being shot was one, the Challenger explosion another.

I remember the sadness after the first plane hit. Then the anger after the second hit. Then fear. What would get hit next? After the Pentagon, rumors flew everywhere.

We scoured our minds to think of who we knew who might have been in the line of terror.

We entertained the most brutal thoughts of retribution.

Today we remember those who died, the families that still suffer, the country that will never forget, and the soldiers that sacrifice for our freedom every day. We will not forget who did this, or the fact that they attacked us not for what America has done, but the freedom we proudly stand for and the prosperity our forefathers worked so hard to create.

Some try to muddy the waters on what Patriots' Day means. We still know evil when we see it. We still recognize what America has always meant to ourselves and freedom loving people around the world.

So say a prayer for the fallen and look to your flag with pride.

Mr. Obama, Tear Down Your Ivory Tower

The Founding Fathers never intended the President or the Congress to be locked away from the public. The facts are they wanted them to be regular members of the public, after all we a government of the people and by the people. Overtime mainly because of security our elected officials have become increasingly isolated from the people. As a result, our government is suffering.

It didn’t used to be that way, many Presidents of the past held specific hours at the Whitehouse to hear from citizens. We should return to that and the President should hold a few hours a week to hear the concerns of citizens in person and it should be available live to the public. He will hear good things and bad and I’m sure a few nutty things as well, but the point is he needs to hear from the average American on a regular basis. That would help him to understand those that he governs.

Wednesday night during his speech to Congress when he made the statement that, illegal aliens would not be covered under his government run health care plan a South Carolina Congressman stood up and yelled, “You Lie.” Democrats were appalled that anyone would dare do that to the President, yet it was OK for them to boo George W. Bush during the State of Union speech during his Presidency. The fact of the matter is the Democrats should not be chastised for booing Bush and the South Carolina Congressman has nothing to apologize for calling Obama a liar. Both the President and the Congress need to hear dissent.

Have you ever watched British Parliament on C-Span when the Prime Minister addresses them? You hear emotion, you see reactions of how people feel. More importantly the Prime Minister is questioned by the opposition in an open and public forum. The people get to see the real mood of their nation and how the leadership is being carried out. We need that here in the United States.

We need the leaders of this nation to be in touch with the people. They should not be isolated in an ivory tower. They should never feel they are better than you or me, because they are not. Perhaps is it time to add an Amendment to the US Constitution to require the President of the United States appear before the US House for 2 or 3 hours each month to publicly answer questions asked by the member of the House. Take the President out of his ivory tower and make Congress show its constituents where they stand on the issues without being able to hide. We must return our government to the people.

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

"You Lie!"

Representative Joe Wilson of South Carolina (whose official site is currently offline due to high traffic) made international news last night and in some ways stole the show. As Barack Obama ground through his proposals for health care reform, Wilson channeled his inner British Member of Parliament and shouted in disgust "You lie!"

As usual Obama tried to play it both ways, suggesting the public option was a great idea, but that he migth consider other options. He pleaded for bipartisanship, but slammed dissidence. It was a typical act that, according to polls, was just as well received as the failed Clinton effort to pass his version of socialized health care one year before the GOP retook Congress.

Wilson's shout broke the tradition of recent decades that Congressmen and women must remain quiet during presidential addresses with the exception of applause. One registers disapproval by refusing to make any appreciative noises. Wilson's anger hearkens back to the original century of congressional deportment. George Washington briefly attended congressional debates until he found himself repeatedly attacked and vowed to never return except when constitutionally mandated.

The focus on "You Lie!" reintroduces into the responsible media the persistent gaps between what Obama says and what the proposed legislation could do. He keeps extremely busy. For left wing Democrats it represents the final nail in the bipartisan coffin. For Republicans it is a war cry. Some will debate the propriety of Wilson's action, but not the message it conveys. "You Lie!" is not the cry of the old school GOP leadership, but of the Tea Party movement, educated by years of Bush bashing in confrontational politics.

What is promises is that this fight will get uglier. As we approach the next election cycle, the chances that Obama will get anything he wants dims. However the bruised egos and hostile emotions will only burn brighter. 2010 will be one of the nastiest campaigns in American history because the stakes are so high. "You Lie!" was the first shot across the bow.Bookmark and Share

Calvin Coolidge For President In 2012

America has never been more ready for a certain type of leader. The kind that knows that people do not want to see him every day, the kind that tries to say as few words as possible instead of as many, and finally the kind that believes in artfully doing nothing until something absolutely needs to be done.

Americans are tired of drama eminating from the White House. They are ready for prosperity and relaxation without a lot of big plans and changes. In short, the country wants a return to normalcy.

Through no fault of our own we were plunged into an abyss of violence in 2001. This mobilized our feelings and actions. We prepared to meet and destroy an enemy, first in Afghanistan and next in Iraq. Our cause was just, but it wore on the emotions and the patience of the country.

And now this, a left wing president accompanied by a left wing Congress. They are bound and determined to change the very nature of our economy, saddling us with mountains of debt and government run systems. The people rose to stop this madness. Those that care about the country must keep up the fight through the fall as the president has set himself against it. He wants what he wants regardless of the disgust of the people.

In 2012, we need a president who will administer the country and leave us the hell alone. Calvin Coolidge (were he alive) would stay out of the classrooms, the boardrooms, and most anywhere else. He will refrain from appearing on television, the radio, or the internet for vast stretches. Chances are that under President Coolidge, you'd forget we even had a president. Why? He does not want to bother or harass you!

So those of you in either party who want to keep a person in office or vote for someone else that wants to fight for major change, think about the country for a second. We need quiet. We need political peace. Nominate someone who will just leave us alone.

Calvin Coolidge!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

McKinney to Rahall and Mollohan: Stop Following Nancy Pelosi's Marching Orders and Listen to West Virginia

[Charleston, West Virginia] - Republican Chairman Doug McKinney called on Congressman Nick Rahall and Congressman Alan Mollohan to stop taking Nancy Pelosi's orders on health care and listen to the concerns of West Virginia voters.

"I don't like to break up other's friendships, but Nancy Pelosi doesn't care about West Virginia," McKinney said. "She hates the coal we produce, and she believes the federal government and not our citizens should decide how we should spend our money or which doctor we should visit. Now, she is telling the media that she will pass a health care bill out of the House that our citizens don't support, and she will order her foot soldiers to vote for it."

"Congressmen Rahall and Mollohan tried holding a few town hall meetings filled with supporters of Nancy Pelosi's health care bill that includes a public option, but they were surprised that West Virginians turned out in force to tell them 'NO!' But, now that they are back in Washington, they are back under her thumb when it comes to voting on a bill."

Chairman McKinney further explained, "Congressmen Rahall and Mollohan have been taking their marching orders from Nancy Pelosi for far too long. Poor Nick Rahall had to beg for the Speaker to let him vote no on Cap and Trade, and she only gave him her approval the night before the vote. It is never a good sign when he has to choose between his party's leadership in Washington and the people who actually elected him."

"Instead of trying to grandstand once a year during the August recess, Congressmen Mollohan and Rahall should spend more time back in their districts," said McKinney. "Congresswoman Capito used the recess to travel from one side of her district to the other to talk energy and health care with thousands of her constituents through meetings, public events and tele-town hall conference calls."

Act of War?

Two American journalists recently captured and freed by North Korea claim that a guide led them across the river briefly from China into North Korea. Once they realized their mistake, they returned to China but were "violently dragged" back to North Korea by soldiers and imprisoned.

Technically two nations should howl in outrage at this behavior. The United States should immediately shut down any communications between the two governments and disavow any positive statements made by former President Bill Clinton. The freeze ought to be palpable and immediate. A gangster government responded to Obama's Apology Tour by kidnapping US citizen journalists and extorting favorable treatment from our country.

China should punish this small, but real incursion into this territory by North Korean soldiers through economic sanctions or military action. I have more faith in China's ability to focus its wrath on this outcast regime than I do in Obama. Likely, this matter will go under the rug. China will fins a way to quietly punish while the US may protest, if that, and let matters lie.

The lack of American reaction will embolden terrorists again, just as our demonstrations of weakness in the past provoked 9/11.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dems feel safer in Washington than at home

Real Long Term Victor in 2008 May End Up Being Libertarians

In 2008 the Republican Party warned about what would happen and few believed. Major debt hikes, tremendous expansions of federal power at the expense of the private sector, increasing infringements upon natural rights were all mentioned and dismissed by the media and ultimately about 55% of the voters.

Few believed that Obama would be as radical as promised. Also few believed that the GOP would act radically differently. After all, its last few years controlling Congress were a virtual orgy of spending relative to what had come before. Conservative and libertarian voters stayed away from the polls, not seeing much difference between moderate Republican economic interventionism and what the GOP was warning voters about.

Now all predictions have come true and then some. A conservative country is led by a radical left winger and we are reaping the results.

Libertarians have suddenly seen their principles and beliefs grow into part of the mainstream political discussion. Ron Paul's demands to audit the Federal Reserve are being echoed by Republicans across the country, for example. Why is it a priority to expose the inner workings of the CIA, but not the Federal Reserve? Quasi-nationalization of massive companies frightens even centrists who are rediscovering the wisdom of balancing and restraining federal power. Even local authorities seem to have lost their minds, drunk with power. Consider the epidemic of local governments sending police to chase away children selling lemonade from stands because they lack the proper permits. Consider the way that schools now function effectively as part time minimum security prisons complete with mandatory random drug testing for certain groups.

America has changed for the worse and the people of this country associate every negative change with the expansion of the power of government. Voters and activists suddenly have turned from older issues and focused on saving the free market and the free society. Government power is unpopular. The time of libertarian political beliefs, championed by Republican candidates, is at hand.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jack Webb & Joe Friday talk to Obama

Why Your Children Should Take the Day Off From School Tomorrow

Originally we were not going to run a column today. Events have directed otherwise.


You saw it here last week and have heard about it on the news ever since. Obama will be speaking to children in class tomorrow, Tuesday, September 8th. Not only will he give a speech, children will have to rate the three best words in it, discuss how he "inspires" them, and write letters about how they will "help the president." The message itself is benign, but the assignments ram home the idea that the president is an objective truth giving authority, not a politician whose methods are always to be questioned. Obama fest in many areas will be cheered on by enthusiastic members of the teacher's union. At the very least this is creepy. At the worst it is quasi-facsist.

John F. Kennedy appropriately asked Americans to "ask not what your country should do for you, but ask what you should do for your country." He had his own cult of personality, but he did emphasize devotion to the United States that he fought for in World War II. Our children tomorrow are asked to express emotion for Barack Obama.

This is reminiscent of the oaths German officers were asked to take directly to Hitler. It also reminds me of the scene in Blazing Saddles where the gang of bad guys are asked to "pledge allegiance to Hedy Lamaar . . . that's HEDLEY!" Obama politically is more like Hedley Lamaar than Hitler, but it is still creepy. Organizations across the country are trying to organize a boycott by conservative and libertarian families.

Even worse, it has become clear that the US Department of Education wrote directly to school principals, bypassing elected boards and supervisors. As a response, many boards of education across the country have declared that since the activity lies outside the curriculum, they will not permit its showing in classrooms. It shows an attempt to get past the checks and balances established by a democratic people to establish an agenda in a manner usually followed by authoritarian regimes.

This is dangerous. No other president in American history has tried to fuse himself with the idea of the nation. Obama's speech combined with the activities suggested by the Department of Education does this. Some parents say that their children are smart enough to question and fight brainwashing. That's a good thing. However, left wingers will see even simple attendance as evidence that the people accept this unprecedented behavior. And we will see more of it until this scourge of freedom is gone.

That is why children should either not attend school at all next Tuesday, or they should be signed out by 11:30 to make sure that the statistics prove America does not accept indoctrination.