Friday, October 23, 2009

Obama Stumps for Cap and Tax

[Charleston, WV] West Virginia Republican Party Chairman Doug McKinney issued the following statement in response to President Obama's speech this morning at MIT about the energy legislation working its way through the Democrat Congress:

"Moments ago, President Obama concluded his remarks to a small crowd of supporters in Massachusetts as he called for 'the passage of comprehensive legislation that will finally make renewable energy the profitable kind of energy in America'. That's a laudable goal, but not if it means loosing hundreds of thousands of jobs we can't replace and spending billions of dollars we don't have. The Democrat cap and tax scheme is simply one more big government boondoggle that West Virginian's can't afford. Of course if Obama and his entourage had bothered to show up in a place that produces coal, like West Virginia, they might have actually heard that opinion. Instead it's clear that president cares more about his image in Copenhagen this December at the international climate talks than he dose about American workers and American jobs" Bookmark and Share

Time For A Statement on Coal

West Virginia has suffered tremendously from the advent of an Obama led federal government. His opposition to coal seems to combine with a personal grudge against West Virginia. West Virginia was one of a few states that rejected him not once, but twice! His team cut off highway funds to Corridor H while increasing funds to districts that voted for him. Now it attacks coal using a badly interpreted Clean Water Act.

Seventy-nine permits have been denied since he took office and a major one was just revoked. We are down almost 30,000 jobs since he took office. How many hundreds of jobs would have been added directly by those coal mines, how many more in the nearby communities?

West Virginia needs to fight this outrage.

Federal policy relies upon the Interstate Commerce Clause to enforce its actions without relying on the states. Otherwise they have no constitutional ability to enforce anything economically related within state boundaries. Montana, Ohio, and other states have passed legislation that invalidates federal gun laws. If a gun is manufactured entirely within that state and stamped with "Made in _____," it is not subject to federal gun laws.

Can we do the same thing on a limited basis in West Virginia? If you have an independent company that uses machinery sold by a West Virginia company to produce coal consumed entirely within the state of West Virginia, it would seem that the EPA would have no authority whatsoever. Of course this would require the State of West Virginia to pass enabling legislation just as Ohio and Montana did with firearms (come to think of it, let's follow their example on guns too!)

It might never work economically speaking, but West Virginia can make a bold political response by having its legislature pass this kind of legislation. Obama is on a mission to destroy our industry. It is up to our state to fight back.Bookmark and Share

A worthy read on Robert C. Byrd

Robert C. Byrd, Dirty Money & That Old Company Store by Halli Casser-Jayne

Halli Casser-Jayne is the author of A YEAR IN MY PAJAMAS WITH PRESIDENT OBAMA, The Politics of Strange Bedfellows. You can follow her thoughts @

Obama thinks Republicans do as they’re told; has he been to WV?

I find it ironic that President Obama thinks that the party of individual responsibility takes its marching orders from the top. He obviously has never read the Republican Party platform. Republicans are very passionate about insuring the views of all are heard, but mostly we passionate about keeping the rights guaranteed in the Constitution. Here is what he said.

Obama is about as wrong as he could be on this issue. I invite him to come to West Virginia and review the workings of the state Republican Party. There are many diverse opinions and the people are extremely passionate about it. The West Virginia Republicans are doing battle amongst themselves all via to get their version of what they believe is the right course of action heard. The reality is far from the uninformed statements of Obama.

Or perhaps Obama only sees the true end game of the Republicans, because in the end all but a few on the fringe will come together and work to defeat Democrats. On Election Day 2010 we will speak with one voice. That voice will say we have had enough of your socialist policies and defeat many of your supporting minions. Keep in mind that in 2012, it is Obama’s turn to find out what happens when Republican’s do as they are told.
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Kook or Prophet?

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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

New Black Panther Party Probably Behind Latest "Tawana Bradley" Type Case From West Virginia

Another white on black gang rape case is shown to be a lie.

Meghan Williams, a young black teenage girl from Logan County, horrified the nation with allegations a few years back that six white men abducted, raped, and tortured her for several days. Now she has completely recanted her story.

The six men all pled guilty and received lengthy prison sentences. With her potentially testifying against them, it was apparently an open and shut case. Of course they were charged under unconstitutional hate crimes statutes.

Williams' attorney, Bryan Potts, accuses Williams' deceased mother and New Black Panther Party leader Malik Shabazz of coercing a young and confused teenage girl of concocting the lie. One of the accused had been a boyfriend of Williams. So far, th enotion of getting back at an ex boyfriend is the only reasoning given by her. A press conference is planned to give further explanation.

This leads one to wonder about the representation these young men had. Certainly it must have been tempting to take a deal that gave these men a chance to be free decades down the road instead of a life sentence. However a jury trial would have forced the police to look for forensic evidence that did not exist. In the modern climate, it is doubtful that a jury would have failed to convict them after hearing testimony from Williams. That being said, a good attorney might have cracked her story.

What ifs are nearly pointless. The reality is that a lie shattered the lives of all of these young men and also Williams herself. She must live with the fact that her lies ruined lives.

The only villain left is the New Black Panther Party leadership. These terrorist thugs saw a chance to get national attention for themselves on the backs of six innocent men. Was it not a hate crime to push a girl to lie and jail white men unjustly? If we are going to have hate crimes statutes, the prosecutors ought to try Shabazz on them because what he did absolutely stemmed from racial hatred.
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Horse Drawn Wagons and Newspapers

A paper commissioned by the Columbia University Journalism School basically says the government should step in to save the newspapers across the county. One of the nations largest newspapers, The New York Times, recently announced it is laying off additional workers as its market share contracts adding fuel to the fire that the print media needs saving. My questions; Why?

In 1900 when the automobile industry was beginning to grow I wonder if there was talk of saving the horse drawn wagon industry? After all the
horse drawn wagon industry was an important part of the transportation industry and had been for many years. The horse drawn wagon manufacturers in 1900 and the Newspaper producers today are in the same position. They are in an industry that is in transition.

In 1900 the transportation industry did not go away. It evolved into motorized transport. Some of those companies that saw the change coming evolved. Consider Studebaker. Studebaker had been around since the Civil War building wagons for the US Military and at the turn of the 20th Century they realized they were not in the business of making wagons, but in the business of providing transportation products. The survived for nearly another 70 year by switching to building cars and trucks. They successfully made the transition from horse and buggy to automobiles to survive much longer than their contemporaries.

The newspaper industry is the modern horse drawn wagon industry. It does not need a bailout from the government, in fact no industry does. The first thing the newspaper industry needs to do it realize they are not in the newspaper business, they are in the news information business. Perhaps the New York Times and the Washington Post may not survive, but that is OK because somebody will take their place.

While Studebaker made the transition at the turn of the 20th Century, we also saw the rise of the replacement transportation companies like Dodge, Ford and Chevrolet. As we transition into the 21st Century we are already seeing the replacement for the newspapers in publications like The Drudge Report, Breitbart and Bloomberg.

The newspapers do not need a bailout, they need to die a natural death. In a few years a newspaper will be about as useful to a modern world as a horse drawn wagon built in a government subsidized factory.
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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Will We Soon See a Sedition Act of 2010?

I remember not so long ago that Glenn Beck leveled harsh criticism at a man holding high office. As usual, Beck spoke freely and without restraint, making his target cringe. President George W. Bush was used to being stung by the left. In the wake of the bailouts his administration pushed through Congress last year, President Bush found himself attacked more often than not on the Glenn Beck program.

Different year, different president, same gadfly. Beck still criticizes. Sean Hannity and Bill O'Reilly get their shots in as well, just like Keith Olbermann used to bash Bush nightly. Bush maintained his dignity, did not respond, and simply did his job.

Free speech in under assault in this country. The Obama Administration blames Fox News for destroying its relationship with the public, thwarting its agenda. They expect Fox to fall into line, to not ask the tough questions, and to not criticize.

We have not seen this kind of direct assault on a news organization since Richard Nixon declared war on the New York Times almost thirty years ago.

Obama is acting as if he is in Britain circa 1750. What he is accusing Fox of in a roundabout way is sedition. Sedition was a controversial, but well entrenched concept in British law. Speech that criticized the government, but was seen to be an obstacle to policy was considered criminal sedition. During the Quasi Naval War in the 1790s, Congress passed a Sedition Act that made the Federalist Party so unpopular that it never again won control of the legislative or executive branches. The concept of criminal sedition has no place in American law, but Obama and the White House seem to be trying to resurrect the concept.
He does it through using the "rules for radicals" playbook. I hate using a conservative cliche, but there is a set of guidelines for radicals that includes personalizing and demonizing the opposition. Obama tried doing that with Rush Limbaugh and got nowhere. Then he tried it on Glenn Beck and only boosted his ratings. Now he wants America to turn against a legitimate news broadcaster because they dare to disagree with him. Here's the problem with using that playbook. It only works in opposition, not when you are the incumbent. When those in power use these methods, they just look like bullies if not heroes standing up for the First Amendment.
I foresee a lot of liberals, not leftists, but liberals quoting Evelyn Beatrice Hall's quote, commonly attributed to Voltaire, this week, "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defedn to the death your right to say it." Incidentally, this was the Bush Administration's attitude towards Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, and others. A cold wind is blowing in the world of American civil liberties.Bookmark and Share

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fundraising issues for Mollohan: Barnes, Smith lead challenger pack

Alan Mollohan is having fund raising trouble. According The Hill, "Third quarter House recap: Big funding surprises from little-known challengers. They list Mollohan as only one of six incumbents that failed to raise more than $100,000 in the last quarter, despite facing tough challengers.

Among announced Republican challengers against Mollohan for the 2010 election both Clark Barnes of Randolph County and Scott Smith of Preston County have both tied for first with 40% in a recent PHC poll. Daniel Swisher is a distant 3rd polling only 9%. Cindy Hall and Tom Stark both polled less than 5%. Bookmark and Share

Because We Are Not Like Them

In 2003 American soldiers went into Iraq to remove that nation's tyrannical government. President Bush's stated reason was that Iraq posessed weapons of mass destruction. We also invaded because of the deep aversion that he and many other Americans felt towards that evil regime. Soldiers found evidence of weapons programs, but no weapons themselves.

The Left called it, predictably, a "lie." "Bush lied, thousands died" they chanted. The media took up the mantra, never considering that Hussein could have moved the weapons in the several month buildup to war. They never considered that the United States and other nations had the obligation to enforce previous United Nations decisions. It boiled down to "Bush lied."

Since the beginning of this century the Left has exchanged simple anti-capitalist rhetoric for the diversionary tactic of regulating capitalism out of any ability to compete or expand. They manufactured a crisis called "global warming" based upon computer models, incomplete observations, and correlation based studies. The facts have come in and they are simply wrong.

The liberal leaning BBC abruptly changed its editorial position, admitting that evidence points not towards global warming, but a gradual cooling. Global temperatures peaked in the late 1990s and followed a slow cooling trend that accelerated in the past two years. NASA noted earlier this year that Martian polar caps shrank at the same time as the northern ice cap on Earth. Solar energy expended more heat in that same period. Now solar energy has slightly declined at the same time as Earth has cooled.

It seems like common sense that the Earth might heat when the Sun gets warmer and cool when the Sun produces less energy. Scientists do not part with cherished beliefs easily. However, more are abandoning the man made global warming hypothesis than sticking to it these days. The media and politicians have not caught on yet. We must do our part to educate them and obstruct any attempt to regulate away capitalism in the name of bad science.

That all being said, we should not resort to their tactics. As someone put it, they are not evil, just wrong. They wanted something very badly to be true and a lot of jobs around the industrialized world were lost as a result. I would not call them liars, but if Congress and the president persist, they are certainly still very deluded.Bookmark and Share