Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Famous American Mustached Attorneys General

Belgians: Leading the World Toward Soylent Green?

Belgian doctors want the power to decide when their patients should die for the common good.

Rod Dreher of American Conservative reported that Dr. Jean-Marie Vincent, head of a national society of intensive care doctors, wants a license to kill, so to speak.  Doctors need the power, Vincent says, to kill off a patient whose "life quality has become too poor."

Vincent goes on to say that the first priority of doctors lies in restoring health, not prolonging life at all costs.  Even if the patient and the family does not consent, doctors must have the right to flip the switch of life and end it.

Dreher describes the doctor as "ghoulish," but an English writer of a century ago may have described him better.

Joseph Conrad described in his book The Secret Agent a character called "The Professor."  This man dreamt of a world "where the weak would be taken in hand for utter extermination . . . Exterminate! Exterminate!  That is the only way of progress . . . First the blind, then the deaf and dumb, then the halt and the lame - and so on."

Conrad's "Professor," an ardent terrorist, is an archetype not only for countless dystopian productions, such as "Soylent Green," but also speaks the underlying philosophy of some of the most horrible plans of science.  We remember the horror of the Nazis, not so much the eugenics movement of the pre World War II era.

Humanity has no capacity to rationally decide when another person has "quality of life" or not.  What term could be more subjective? Yet the term gets thrown out there almost casually no matter what the stakes.  Almost every person has the instinct and drive to continue life, even in a state that others may consider wretched.  When comfortable middle class doctors get the power to make such decisions, tragedy will result.

Monday, April 7, 2014

What Food Establishments Are the Left Boycotting Now?

The Left loves nothing better than a good boycott.  Especially an establishment that their refined palates would reject like a bad kidney.  Salon has offered up five fooderies that they say are run by people who support hyperscary right wing zealots.  Of course they put Mitt Romney in that category too, so take it with a grain of salt.

Here's the list:

1. Chick Fil A (of course)  Come on, Salon, surprise us.

2.  Carl's Jr./Hardees. When would a left winger ever set foot into the carnival for carnivores?  The air itself is probably too gluten saturated for them to enter without a mask.  This place has some of the thickest hamburgers piled high with the best toppings.  Then they add all kinds of other foods, such as giant colas and milkshakes, that Michelle Obama eats and forbids everyone else.

3.  Domino's Pizza.  Domino's Pizza sits right at average.  Good enough to eat if there, but nothing too special.  This is actually a step up from where they once were, which was south of Little Caesar's.  A good deal for feeding a lot of people who just want pizza.  

4.  White Castle.  Never been there, but people swear they're good.

5.  Waffle House.  Of course the Left hates Waffle House.  Nothing looks more All American than the Waffle House.  You can belly up to the counter, order a Coke or a coffee, and watch them scatter and smother your hash browns to your heart's content.  

They stay open always, even on Christmas.  Non Christians pile into Waffle House on Christmas Day, when even Denny's is closed.  Christmas night at the Waffle House is a true study in diversity, every race and religion represented, waiting to be served by the most capitalist of capitalists.  It's not like college diversity, which is really separatism.  It's honest to goodness American diversity.  People sitting cheek to jowl, interacting with waitresses who all call you "hon" regardless of age, gender, religion, or nationality.  They don't care who you are or where you came from, they just want to serve good old fashioned Southern food, make you happy, and get you on your way so someone else can sit down.

Waffle House is exactly what is great about America.  Which is exactly why the Left hates it.

It's not likely that a left wing boycott would make a dent in the profit margin of any of these fine businesses.  In fact, Chick Fil A actually sells more since its targeting by the Left.  None of these places are trendy, even in the anti-trendiness of hipster tastes.  Nothing in these places would appeal to left wingers in the first place. These restaurants' idea of "vegan" is scraping the animal product off of your plate if you complain, while quietly cussing you.  It would be almost as effective as threatening Ford with a boycott of their F 150s.

All Salon did was to help conservatives identify even more places to support with their business.  

Great job!