Friday, August 27, 2010

David McKinley Coming to Mountaineer Cafe In New Creek

A joint Mineral and Grant County Fundraising Coffee and Meet and Greet For Congressional Nominee David McKinley

Hosted by Beverly Evans, Bob Harman and Dr. Harry Boggs

Monday August 30th12:30 to 1:30 PMMountaneer All Star Café1.5 miles south of Keyser, WVSouth on U.S. 220

Please come visit with and support David McKinley in his race for Congress. If you can't make the event, please use the enclosed envelope and mail a generous check to David's campaign. Or go to his website and make an online donation. We haven't had conservative representation in Congress for over 40 years - its time for a change. Mail checks to McKinley for Congress, P.O. Box 6861, Wheeling WV 26003 RSVP to 304.813.6665 or 304.257.1426

Mountaineer All-Star Cafe
RR 4 Box 70a
Keyser, WV 26726

It is located on US 220 south of Keyser between the Hospital entrance and Walmart.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! Vacation, Had to Get Away!

The gifts just keep on coming.

First the White House either ventured into excessive spin or fantasyland by calling the last three months "the summer of recovery." If someone is recovering somewhere, we must have missed it. The stimulus has not improved unemployment. We have seen home buying at its lowest point in, well, ever. Durable goods orders are also way down. Politically it was a tremendous gaffe. Unfortunately it comes during a time of real tribulation in this nation. We don't know how long this will last. All we know is that the White House has run up our debt in a time when we need to be cutting back.

Then comes Obama's idiotic backing of the Monster Mosque project at Ground Zero. He did not have to say anything, but could not resist weighing in on a local issue. This took the heat off of Mayor Bloomberg of New York City while harming every Democratic candidate everywhere. Congressional candidates in Iowa are having to answer whether or not they support the mosque. Some Democrats have started bashing Obama and Pelosi out of sheer desperation.

Best of all, we are once again seeing Obama on vacation, this time in Martha's Vineyard. While most Americans struggle to afford to go on a weekend trip, Obama has taken six vacations in two years. This doesn't count Michelle Antoinette's excursion to Spain where she toured much as a queen, closing beaches, etc.

His political handlers are either foolish or being ignored. Surely they know that all these trips with the ever present coverage of Obama's golf game alienate millions of voters. At least when President Bush left Washington, he generally went to his actual house in Texas. Unfortunately with Obama, we get a president who spends half of his time like the indolent and uninterested Warren G. Harding and the rest trying to put in place plans that look more like Mussolini than any American. I guess we should be grateful that he only works part time. Imagine how bad things would be if he actually worked as hard as a normal person.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

From the Land of Busted Budgets and State Bankruptcy . . . A $578 million High School

You heard me right. A half billion dollar high school. It's more expensive than China's Olympic Stadium. It has fine art, a faculty dining room finer than most restaurants, and countless other luxuries that equal about $250,000 per child. This happened when the school system had a $640 million shortfall that caused the layoffs of 3,000 teachers.
People ask why we are so tough on government. Why is it that conservatives and libertarians do not trust government to do anything. Right here is the answer. This school district laid off teachers so that a high school could have avant garde architecture and fine art. It got rid of experienced educators so it could have a school more expensive than almost any professional football stadium in the United States. This money was not even invested in instructional and educational needs, but swimming pools and fine art.
On top of all that, this school was built by the worst school district in the entire country, L. A. Unified. This district has a 35% dropout rate. Maybe a state of the art swimming pool can convince kids to not drop out? I have my doubts.
The current superintendent cannot even defend the project, saying it was planned before his time. He has the good sense to plan to not attend the ribbon cutting of this monstrous insult to the taxpayers.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Okay, I'm not very socially conservative. I believe in live and let live, freedom of choice, etc. Sexuality is something for the individual consenting adult to make choices about. However, this blog post from Chicks on the Right really bothered me.

Why would any parent want to sexualize their child before their time? When my son played for the Mini-Tornadoes, we'd travel to towns in Maryland where their cheerleaders danced to sexually explicit music. You have to wonder why.

Nine year old girls pole dancing is just plain sickening. They have to spin on a pole to workout? They can't play soccer, basketball, or tennis, or just run around in a park? They have to pole dance? This sounds more like mothers trying to look hip on sexuality more than trying to keep their kids in shape. They want to shock their friends and look cool. Meanwhile their daughters will be exposed to the cultural perceptions of pole dancing, and may try to live up to them as time goes on.

My question is, why do so many parents want sexualized children? It's not cute. It's downright creepy and almost an open invitation for sexual predators. It also teaches girls that their sexuality is more important than brains or accomplishments. Parents need to wake up. Prudently guiding children does not make one prudish. Be open about sex when kids ask questions, but guide them towards appropriate behavior while they are growing up.

Monday, August 23, 2010

An Omission Or a Plan?

In the map to the right, and it may be too small a scale to see clearly, there is a startling omission.
This map comes from the Mineral County Comprehensive Plan draft. The county commission is trying to push the draft into law. On the other hand, some local businessmen have cried foul and claimed that the public hearings on the draft were more of a facade than a true input session. Some have claimed that the current plan violates the law and that court action will be taken.
This map's omission could open a Pandora's box of questions about the plan. It lists every school in the county save one, Fountain Elementary. Although the public has been reassured for years that this small but effective school will remain open, Fountain has no presence on the map made for the Comprehensive Plan.
Is this an oversight, or is closing Fountain Elementary part of their plan for the county?