Friday, November 13, 2009

Swine Flu (H1N1) vs Seasonal Flu Statistics

Seasonal Flu

* 5 to 20 percent of the population get the flu (15 to 60 million people)
* More than 200,000 people are hospitalized from flu-related complications
* About 36,000 people die from flu-related causes

Swine Flu

* 7.3 percent of the population has gotten the Swine Flu (22 million people)
* About 98,000 people have been hospitalized from Swine flu-related complications
* About 4,000 people have died from Swine flu-related causes

It appears that statistically the Swine Flu has a slightly higher hospitalization rate, but a much lower death rate. Possibly because the older you are the more likely you are to be immune to the Swine Flu, and the young that are more prone to get it are more likely to recover in a hospital.

(All data from CDC and US Census)
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Thursday, November 12, 2009

As Nation Honors Veterans, Capito Announces Legislation to Improve Veterans TBI Care

Capito Re-Introduces Bill to Increase Access to Care for Rural Veterans Suffering from Traumatic Brain Injury

CHARLESTON – As the nation honors America’s military men and women, Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., today announced that she has re-introduced legislation designed to improve access to care for rural veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Capito’s bill – the Veterans Traumatic Brain Injury Access to Care Act – would establish state-level pilot programs with partnerships between local medical professionals and the Department of Veterans Affairs, enabling local providers to support treatment efforts for geographically-isolated veterans.

Currently there are only four Veterans Affairs facilities equipped to undertake TBI treatment, which necessitates lengthy travel for those in need of treatment. The Richmond VA medical facility is the nearest treatment center for West Virginia veterans.

“Traumatic brain injury is one of the most challenging afflictions facing our military men and women,” said Capito. “Treatment is extensive and specialized, placing an incredibly difficult burden on military families who must often travel great distances for treatment. My legislation is geared towards easing that burden by creating avenues for treatment closer to home.”

An injury commonly associated with U.S. efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, TBI can lead to a wide range of symptoms that range from persistent head-aches to extreme memory loss, seizures and dramatic personality changes. Approximately 20 percent of all injuries in Iraq and Afghanistan involve TBI and is often accompanied by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) which can complicate TBI recovery efforts.

The congresswoman on Wednesday also offered her words of thanks and remembrance for U.S. service men and women, particularly in light of Tuesday’s memorial service at Fort Hood.

“As our nation continues to mourn the tragic and incomprehensible loss of life at Fort Hood, it’s even more important that we re-commit ourselves to supporting and honoring our nation’s military men and women,” said Capito.

“On this day when we remember and honor our nation’s veterans, let us also remember the burden carried by our military families. Just as we thank our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines, we must also thank their loved ones who support them and serve along-side them.”

“Our nation is truly in their debt, and I hope all West Virginians will take a moment today to reflect on the sacrifices made by our service members and their families. Our veterans have earned at least as much.”

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Don't Jump to Conclusions?

The newest revelations concerning the Fort Hood shooter are now nothing short of outrageous.

Recent information released to the media proves that the Army psychiatrist currently held for opening fire at an Army processing center, killing several, had active and open contacts with Al Quaeda related Islamofascist groups. You remember these guys; we are at war with them. At least we were until January.

Okay so the FBI and the Army blew it on this one. It happens when you have to follow a lot of suspicious individuals. Obama's misstep is even worse. A few days after the terror attack, he told Americans to not jump to conclusions.

I believed him. Honest to goodness I believed him. The president gets the intel and the info so I assume he knows more than I do. He said to not jump to conclusions so I thought it must be an individual nut, not a terrorist conspiracy. Wrong!

You can NOT tell me that Obama did not receive a full briefing on who Hasan was and what he was doing within hours of the attack. And he STILL comes out and tells the country to not jump to conclusions. Once again the community organizer in chief wants us all to settle down regardless of the fact that a terror attack happened at a military installation and American soldiers were killed.

I am mad. You should be mad. Most importantly Obama should be mad! He isn't. He wants us to be calm and not get our feathers ruffled so he misleads the country, apparently not knowing that Republican congressmen can find out the true details on their own. I am sick of the community organizer in chief trying to run American security like a Chicago outreach program. If Obama is not a liar and he himself was not jumping to conclusions, then he is incredibly naive or deluded.

The most incredible fact is that the same US Army who will not grant an officer's commission to a recruit with a misdemeanor on their arrest record will keep a guy around with obvious sympathies for the main adversary of the United States. Stop treating Muslim fanatics any differently than Communists in the 1950s or Nazis in the 1930s. Hint, they might be working for the enemy.

Monday, November 9, 2009


November 2009's off year elections have kicked off what promises to be a fascinating and intense time of campaigning. These may be the most important congressional elections of our time because the result will in one way or another change our nation.

A fork in the road lies ahead. In one direction lies government control, muffled prosperity, and less freedom. The other points to the shrinking of government and the burdens it places upon all of us. The middle ground of the way it is now is no longer acceptable.

The Republican Party is struggling to catch up to the libertarian uprising created by Obama and Pelosi's plan to Eurosocialize America. Party officials reflect the past sentiments of the vast majority of party members in days past. I remember only a couple of years ago hearing a current GOP county chair saying that Republicans simply do not protest. We are the respectable party arguing with reason. Then came a political season driven by left wingers who want to impose massive changes that defy reason. Libertarian conservatives got frustrated and decided to fight the left with their own tried and true medicine of protest and mass action.

In some areas there is a gap between the "conservative" movement and the GOP organization. But what is conservatism? Libertarians want action on economic issues, but oppose social conservative positions on marriage and family and some traditional ideas on foreign policy. Social conservatives are wary of libertarianism. Traditional conservatives want a strong foreign policy and prosperous economy and are willing to give on a few principles to achieve that. All of these groups want the Republican Party to support their brand of conservatism and accuse it of selling out if they do not. Navigating through this ideological minefield is a difficult task for party officials. Sometimes they make good decisions, other times very poor ones (such as the NY 23 nominee.)

Conservatism is a vibrant and dynamic movement and each shade of the movement has a slightly different version of what they want America to be. It is important to remember that the differences between shades of conservatism are relatively much smaller than differences between almost any Republican and left wingers. Many independents and Democrats are closer to the general position of conservatives right now than their own party leaders.

That all being said, the most vibrant and energetic element in the freedom loving right is the libertarian conservative. Their calls for change, cut taxes and keep the government out of individuals' lives as much as possible, contrast powerfully with left wing policies that affect freedom of choice. By focusing on economic and personal freedoms, the GOP can endear itself to the libertarian movement and help take back America from those who want it to be Europe.Bookmark and Share

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Martin's Food Evacuated, but all clear sounded

UPDATE: 1:10 All Clear Given

Martins Food in Keyser, WV was evacuated because of a natural gas smell. Local Police and Fire responded and detection equipment detected explosive levels of gas in the structure. As of 11:40 Mountaineer Gas confirmed that the levels were dangerously high but had not located the leak.

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Capito Joins Bipartisan House Coalition to Oppose Speaker Pelosi’s Trillion Dollar Health Plan

West Virginians Deserve Meaningful Health Reform, Not a Government Over-Reach That Will Raise Taxes and Slash Billions of Dollars From Medicare

WASHINGTON – Rep. Shelley Moore Capito, R-W.Va., released the following statement this evening as the U.S. House of Representatives voted on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s 2,000-page, trillion-dollar health reform plan that will raise taxes, raise premiums and cut hundreds of billions of dollars from Medicare:

“I have long-said that West Virginians deserve meaningful health care reform, but this bill is not the bipartisan consensus-building legislation that my constituents have asked for,” said Capito.

“Legislation that touches every single American and would reform nearly one-sixth of our economy demands transparency and consensus. Unfortunately, the Speaker and our friends on the other side of the aisle chose to openly reject any semblance of bipartisanship in favor of a bill that will cost well over a trillion dollars, raise taxes on job-creating small businesses and cut nearly $400 billion from Medicare and Medicaid.”

“On top of $56 billion in cuts to home health care and $143 billion in across the board cuts to Medicare providers, by gutting Medicare Advantage the Speaker’s bill blatantly breaks the President’s promise that if you like your current plan you can keep it.”

“And as this economy continues to sputter under a stimulus plan that has failed to result in real job growth, the last thing small businesses need is yet another tax hike.”

“We can do better than this troubling government over-reach and I urge the Speaker and her colleagues to start over and come clean on their promise for a reasonable dialogue about how we can find common ground.”


What West Virginians Are Saying About the Speaker’s Bill…

State Journal Editorial: Congress’ Overreach: Health Care Reform: “The American people are seeing their elected representatives in Washington ponder the future of health care. It's not a confidence-inspiring exercise. First, polls say most Americans do not want government involved in their personal medical decisions…. What we have is a battle between those who believe in the merits of big government -- with its attendant big costs -- and those who believe in the promise of the American marketplace.” (State Journal Editorial, November 5, 2009)

Hoppy Kercheval: House Health Bill a Trillion Dollar Mistake: “A bad headache doesn’t usually require brain surgery, yet that’s the approach the Democratic leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives are preparing to take with their health care reform bill. The House plan will unleash the biggest, most expensive government takeover of the health care delivery system since the creation of Medicare. …the current system needs reform, but the House Democrats should put down the scalpel and see if there is a less traumatic way to treat the patient.” (Hoppy Kercheval Commentary, November 6, 2009)

Daily Mail Editorial: Liberal’s Health Plan is No Plan at All: “Liberals' "solution" would cost more than $1 trillion over 10 years, with subsidies and taxes all around. All Americans would have to have insurance by 2013 or pay fines. Most employers would have to offer insurance or pay taxes, a provision sure to kill jobs. There would be billions for a government health plan, billions in new taxes on health insurance and medical devices, and new taxes on "the rich." Yet this complicated, intrusive, expensive approach would not cut health costs. With Americans' economic future on the rocks, many members of both parties doubt this is the way to go.” (Daily Mail Editorial, November 4, 2009)

Wheeling Intelligencer on Speaker Pelosi Health Bill: The Speaker’s bill “…would limit Americans' choices in regard to health insurance - and treatment. It would slash Medicare funding, to the detriment of senior citizens. It would send the already astronomical national debt skyrocketing…. It would increase taxes and health care insurance costs for millions of Americans.” (Wheeling Intelligencer Editorial, November 7, 2009)

11/7/2009 - Rep. Capito Discusses Health Care During Debate on Pelosi Health Bill

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