Thursday, January 14, 2010


A long time ago, a music enthusiast told me that the last place anyone should look for a reasonable opinion on music would be Rolling Stone. According to this source, the magazine specialized in slamming most good to decent new acts when they surfaced, only to love them after they were past their prime. Led Zeppelin was only one band that got this treatment. The magazine occupied a position hopelessly reactionary and establishment vis-a-vis the music and entertainment field.

So if they fail so completely at music, why on earth should anyone listen to them when it comes to politics or science? Luckily most people don't, which is why right thinking individuals need not feel concern over their dramatic cover this week. It has the big red word "idiots" on the cover, and announces that it is listing the most dangerous people to the planet. Of course the topic is global warming.

An idiot would be someone who takes political and science advice from a music magazine, in my opinion. The dramatic, attention getting cover looks like a desperate act to beg people to convert to their anti-capitalist environmentalism that functions more like a religion than a science. They know they have just about lost this war. Luckily, Rolling Stone only preaches to the choir. Not many folks pay attention to their views on these issues.

I do not want to leave out the fact that this issue happened to appear only a week after Miami saw its temperatures plummet to thirty degrees. Augusta, Georgia saw ten degrees and snow falling (to the utter delight of my brother.) Around here we still have a snow blanket that was a week old at Christmas. God always seems to have His own answer for global warming advocates when they appear to issue dramatic warnings. Most Al Gore speeches come with unseasonably cold temperatures regardless of the season. The Copenhagen conference nearly had people freeze to death waiting to get in. And now this. Not to mention the fact that the top global warming scientists and institutions have engaged in full scale fraud to undermine any opposing points of view.

We are probably close to seeing this movement shift gears. Soon they will urge us that we have to act to prevent an ice age, not a global rise in temperatures. It's happened before, that's what these same people were saying in the 1970s.

We have to ignore these fools and

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