Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Looking Ahead to the State Legislative Session

What would you rather West Virginia do? Democrats, in this election year, have chosen to "hold the ball" as they put it. That means to keep taxes and spending at current levels, saving the unofficial $168 million surplus for any problems that could come up. Republicans plan to move aggressively in proposing that at least some of that money go back to the people in the form of tax cuts.
Honestly, it is your Legislature. These people go there because you picked them. It is fair enough to expect them to do as you wish, so e mail or call them and let them know what you want before they get down to business.
Democrats like to paint tax cuts as an all or nothing deal, that if you cut taxes, you lose the surplus and then if something happens we do not have the money. Responsible tax cuts can occur that will benefit business and citizens while maintaining the surplus. I really cannot argue too much with how our state has handled the recession, except to point out that we should not rest on our laurels, but try to expand our growth. Governor Manchin has stuck to the formulas of the old Republican Party of several decades ago. This stopped losses, but is not a formula which will aggressively push for growth in this new decade.
West Virginia needs a game plan for growth, not just in a few counties or economic segments, but across the board. That means tax cuts for the business sector, especially small entrepreneurs. Should those cuts eliminate the entire surplus? No. Start now with what we can do and signal the outside world that we are becoming business friendly. We can accomplish a lot because other states would rather raise taxes for revenue than cut their budgets. Business will naturally gravitate to more friendly areas.
It is up to you, the voters. Let your legislators know what you want.

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