Monday, January 11, 2010


They are coming. Obama's people have gone to Spain to look into the controversial body scanners now used in some European airports. James Carville, Democratic strategist, complained about their photographic accuracy in a typically vulgar way, but he raised a good point. Transportation Safety Administration officials, with these scanners, can (when the scanners are brought in) examine the nude bodies of men, women, and children to their hearts content. We would like to expect 100% professionalism, but let's be realistic. Some bodies will be ogled, others laughed at. That is human nature and allowing ourselves to sink to this condition is disgusting. I would rather drive eighteen hours to a destination than allow mine and my children's bodies to be illuminated for the edification of TSA employees. We are human beings.

That is the point. Obama's change, when you see the big picture, promotes dehumanization. Health care deform emphasizes cutting Medicare costs. How do they do that? By rationing health care to the elderly because their lives mean less. Who says that? Obama's own advisors!

Obama's health and economic plans require each working citizen to give up more and more of their hard earned reward for work. Why? So it can go to people who did not earn it, or to reward groups that support Obamunism. Each individual has the right to the rewards for his work or risk,justly earned. Obama and the left do not believe that you have the right to keep it. It belongs to the collective mass. Decisions are to be made by them of course.

Abortion rests on the premise that children in the womb have no worth. Their deaths are meaningless to the Left.

Kevin Jennings, Obama's appointed czar of safe schools, encouraged a minor child to have sex in a bus station with a much older adult. He wrote that in his own autobiography. The humanity of this child was stripped by a radical left winger who did not see fit to give him reasonable advice. And now he makes policy to guide the school that educate small children!

Body scanning strips away human dignity by exposing its nudity. And it makes us no safer. Terrorists will have a harder time blowing up airplanes, so what? They can carry bombs into crowded terminals, football games, shopping malls, etc. Full body scanners will only perpetuate the ripping away of the dignity of each individual. It will also destroy what is left of the air travel industry. Sure some have to fly, but fewer and fewer will choose it when they have other options.

The Left wants to erase all vestiges of individuality and rights. They believe in the collective. If we believe we have no rights and no dignity, they believe they can impose upon us what they see fit. Obama and the Left have systematically attacked many aspects of our individual humanity in their evil radical plans. It's time for freedom loving Americans to push back hard and strip them of their authority instead of allowing them to strip us of our humanity.

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