Monday, January 11, 2010

Double Standard

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was in trouble before this week, trailing in the polls to any of his three possible Republican challengers. His race is one of at least five between the special election in Massachusetts coming up and November in which Republicans have a strong chance of seizing a seat currently held by a Democrat.

The came the revelation that Harry Reid made disparaging racial remarks about Obama during the campaign of 2008. He stated that Obama did not have an authentic "Negro (yes he used the word "Negro") dialect" except in private conversation. I suppose Senator Reid expected something out of Uncle Remus. Reid later said he was bowled over by Obama's eloquence. Of course all liberals are impressed by the ability to say nothing with absolute style.
This remark says a lot more about Harry Reid than Obama. As far as the issue of "dialect" is concerned (maybe Reid meant accent? I am not sure if he knows what the word "dialect" means) the turning on of an accent in private conversation that you would not use otherwise is not uncommon. It's not deceptive, it reflects the fact that most people act differently in nonprofessional situations as opposed to professional. Most West Virginians can identify with this dichotomy.
Can Harry Reid? I am still anxious to know what he means by "Negro dialect." This phrase, for which he apologized, reflects his mindset. You cannot apologize away such a stupid statement. What's more, Reid rode the bandwagon on a "Lott" of Republican race misstatements over the years. He was, of course, curiously absent on Joe Biden's remark on Obama being articulate. This comes just in time for Martin Luther King Day, too.
Once said, it cannot be unsaid. What's more, if you ladled out grief for something, you should expect it in return. Harry Reid will not resign, but he will likely lose his election this fall. One more sign of the coming collapse of left wing rule.

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