Monday, October 27, 2008


If this does not make you vote Republican on the state level in West Virginia, you are absolutely lost.

Charlie King, a Democratic judge in the Kanawha County Circuit Court, just recently retired. His pension will cost taxpayers $81,200 per year. No problem so far. He worked in the justice system for thirty years. If this was the end of the story we'd say he probably earned it.

King is on the ballot for the same seat from which he just retired and is running unopposed. When elected, King will receive $116,000 per year. Again you might ask, what is the problem. According to the law, King has found a loophole that enables him to collect both his salary and his pension at the same time! He will receive almost $200,000 per year for a job that pays $116,000

King unashamedly defends his double dipping by referring to his years of service. Just because it is legal, though, does not make it right.

How bad does it have to get before West Virginians decide that they have had enough of the Ruling Party? This is nothing isolated, this has been going on for generations now. If only the state party had some money so that they could publicize this.

We have an Attorney General that transformed his office into a 24/7 self-promotion and friend rewarding operation and now a judge who figured out how to beat the system to double dip. Notice the (D) after both of their names.

Folks, please, to end this corruption and flagrant violation of the public trust do yourself a favor.

Toss the bums out. Every last Democrat. Vote for them again in the future if you must, but at least send a clear message now that their abuse of the public trust must end this year.

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