Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can Plumbers Make $250,000 a Year? Certainly They Can.

Obama tripped up again with an amazingly ignorant statement about, of all people, plumbers.

John McCain has decided to take his campaign to the kind of people that make up part of the backbone of America, small businessmen. Joe the Plumber may be a campaign strategy, but he is also very real. Obama laughed off Joe the Plumber just like he laughed at rural Americans as "clinging to guns and religion" out of fear. Such is the attitude of liberals, laughing off beliefs that exist outside of their urban world.

Many small businessmen are placed in that higher tax bracket from which Obama wants to steal money. They work endless hours and their minds rarely stray far from the needs of their business and employees. When liberals think of businessmen, they think of fat guys sipping martinis by their poolside, not plumbers going on emergency calls at 3 AM.

My wife's uncle was a plumber for many years. His income exceeded the $250,000 threshold. Obama would have definitely wanted to steal his profits. The man worked hard, went out late at night to help people in trouble, but also used profits to support little league baseball teams. Most small businessmen and professionals support local sports teams and always get hit up every time there is some kind of fundraiser. If taxes go sky high on these individuals and businesses, will the federal government step in to support little league? Do we want the federal government involved in little league? Obama might, but that is a bad idea.

When the so-called "wealthy" make extra money, most of them put some right back into their communities. Do they live comfortably? Yes they do, because they earned it by working hard. If small businesses and professionals get more profits stolen from them by the government, they will be less likely to be able to spare as much to support their communities. Many will have to let employees go. Counties such as those in the Potomac Highlands depend heavily upon small business for employment. We cannot afford to lose one job because one man decided that a certain group of people make too much, and now he can steal it to distribute among his constituency.

Under an Obama Administration, some groups will get more federal money, especially if they showed the tendency to vote Democratic in the past. The defense industry will not be so lucky. In recent history, Democrats have slashed defense budgets. That could mean the loss of defense related jobs, something that Mineral and surrounding counties depend upon.

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