Friday, October 24, 2008

How Dare You Question a Democratic Candidate!

Both the Democratic candidate for president and the incumbent governor of West Virginia appear to be easily rattled by scrutiny.

Joe Manchin tried, and failed, to trivialize the degree scandal at West Virginia University, then got his hackles up in response to Russ Weeks' criticism of West Virginia's economy. Barrack Obama lashed out venomously at Fox News for doing what every other news organization on earth has done to John McCain and Sarah Palin. Fox has looked at Obama's background, questioned his decisions, unearthed inconsistencies. It does the same to McCain and Palin, but rarely gets recognized for its diligence. Fox News gave the same kind of scrutiny to President Bush. When in 2004 the Democrats tried to unleash a November surprise against Bush, Fox reported it first. Hillary Clinton earlier this year admitted that Fox News was the most fair of the outlets.

Obama may hate Fox News, but his childish outburst reflects an arrogant man who believes the most fawning words the press prints about him. If elected he faces a factionalized party that voted not for him, but against George W. Bush. Is anyone counting how many times the man mentions Bush as opposed to McCain or Palin? On top of that most of the information that critics ridicule, such as the super complex latte drink he prefers, came from outlets such as the New York Times society writers who probably never dreamed that middle America would find that funny.

Joe Manchin has also not seen many hard questions tossed his way. It is revealing how much Russ Weeks, who supposedly has little chance, has gotten under the governor's skin. Maybe the governor knows something that the media and the voters do not.


Joe Manchin may have made the most prescient comment about an Obama presidency in the entire campaign. He stated that Democrats can vote for Obama because it is unlikely Obama will be able to accomplish anything he actually wants to do. Obama wants to jack up taxes on professionals and small businessmen in addition to others whose earnings provide jobs. Other than that, he only promises vague change. To get what he wants, Obama would have to face a Democratic Congress whose newest members are much less liberal than their leadership. The vague promise of change will be interpreted differently by different individuals, most of which will be disappointed. Our foreign policy will be painful to watch as he first tries appeasement, then tries to look tough when that policy fails. The Supreme Court nominations would be disastrous, except for the fact that the Democrats for eight years instructed GOP senators on how to gum up the works.

So what do you get for voting Obama? Worst case scenario is that your taxes go up, employment goes down, and the United States is humiliated on the world stage by Jimmy Carter the sequel. Best case scenario? Nothing happens at all. An arrogant and frustrated Obama flails about as his own Congress refuses to implement the Communist Manifesto.

Voting John McCain gives us a president with a steady foreign policy hand who will keep us safe, a man with many more years of experience working with congressmen. McCain saw his tenure in the Senate as a priority, not a stepping stone for his ambition. As much fun as it would be to watch Obama flounder and take his party down with him a'la Carter, the country needs John McCain.

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