Friday, October 31, 2008

Keyser Neighborhoods Show Changes in Middle Class Expectations

Look at the different sections in Keyser and you notice a wide variety of home styles. Like most cities, many middle class homes constructed early in the last century were relatively large. The dominant style featured three stories, ample living rooms, and a large basement. They may reflect the tendency to have larger families, but also the fact that the middle class had more money to spend.

Look at homes built in the 1960s and 70s. They got much, much smaller. Does this reflect smaller families, or less disposable income? Certainly in this time, the country saw the effects of our government's last attempt to steal, I mean, "redistribute the wealth." The economy fell into a disastrous tailspin as a result of Lyndon B. Johnson's socialist dreams and did not get righted until Ronald Reagan cut taxes and and restored prosperity.

Between Reagan and now, new home sizes have steadily increased. Middle class homes in suburban neighborhoods approached and even exceeded the house sizes from before the Great Depression. Now many included the large yards that became more customary in the time of smaller homes. You could have it all because you worked hard and could afford it.

Obamunists will argue that this is simply greedy. Why do you people need all this space in your home? An American answers that it is none of the government's or anyone else's business. Furthermore, if buyers can afford large new homes, this puts more Americans to work for longer. More Americans work when our economy becomes more capitalist.

Obama wants us to expect less and pare down not only our dreams, but the rewards from our own hard work. He wants to create a permanent underclass for neo-Marxists to throw crumbs at so that they can get votes. Only through dynamic capitalism can opportunity be preserved and prosperity restored.

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