Friday, July 8, 2011


Again, the media is blasting Republicans. Why won't they compromise on the debt ceiling? Why won't they raise taxes? Don't they know the end is nigh? After all, Obama told us this (of course he told us this several times and it did not come to pass.)

Liberals often fail to remember that there is a better way to raise tax revenue than upping the tax rates. That is by increasing prosperity. You can never tax your way to economic growth, or spend to get there either, as the (non) stimulus proved.

What we need is national leadership to unleash the economy. We need a president who believes in the free market and reduced government interference. We need politicians who know that plundering the economy won't help it to grow. We need to reduce the burdens on business at not only the national, but also the state and local levels. The EPA is one of the worst offenders, but local zoning laws choke business vitality as well. We also have the highest corporate tax rate in the entire world, which drives business overseas.

Raising the debt ceiling will not help because it perpetuates the problem of too much spending. All we have to do to stay within our current limits is to completely scrap Obamacare and that will solve the crisis in the short term. Pretty simple and it will accomplish something that the people want.

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