Monday, July 11, 2011

Nice Work If You Can Get It

The White House employs a man named Jesse Lee at a salary of over $72,000 per year to exchange Twitter messages with a man named Kevin Eder. Well, he does have other duties, such as focusing on the Communi..I mean, er Stalini...I mean er "progressive" responses to online criticism. That includes arguing with people on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else. Eder, who is neither a journalist, nor a commentator in any form except Twitter, has been honored with 15% of Lee's twitter output. This shocks Eder, who shows more political savvy than the White House official. Eder states that all these responses do is to raise the profile of the person getting the response. After all, none of us knew who Eder was before. Now we wonder why the White House is so worried about this guy.

Lee is part of an aggressive response team whose strategy, according to the Daily Caller (story here) has been to bully traditional and non traditional media sources alike. No way would Bush have gotten away with what Obama's people did to the Boston Herald, as described in the Daily Caller story. What they have not figured out is that their hardball tactics become the story and increase the disenchantment felt towards the Obama White House.

What I wonder is this. Are we paying this guy $72,000 per year to sit around on social media?

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