Thursday, July 7, 2011

An Armed Citizen Is a Safe Citizen

Chicago has seen a rash of violent mob attacks in the past several months. Now Milwaukee has seen its first.

Racially motivated attacks on whites have been on the rise lately. In Milwaukee, one young woman heard an attacker gleefully proclaim "oh white girl she bleeds a lot."

Violence may be color blind, but there is really only one way to stop these attacks. Cities need to understand that police can't be everywhere to protect everyone. Violent mobs and criminals already know this. The main way to counteract this behavior is to encourage good citizens to buy guns and learn their proper use.

I'd much rather see a story like this. Mob of youths attack peacful law abiding group. Individual pulls handgun and severely wounds or kills several attackers, ensuring the safety of herself and her friends.

That is the only way to halt mob attacks, regardless of motivation.

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