Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to Reign In the Public School System

If we need any further proof that the public school system culture is out of control, the above story reaffirms the worst. If you click on this link you will see that a school system issued laptops for student use. Unbeknownst to the students, the school could watch the home through the webcam. At least one student was informed by an assistant principal that his and his parent's conduct at home was inappropriate.
Last I heard this was a violation of the Constitution. I know in these heady days of Obamunistic change, that is an old fashioned concept, but some of us still cling to it, much like we do to our religion and guns.
Any school official involved in this needs to be fired and then brought up on criminal charges.
This is part of a wider problem. If you are a parent you are familiar with repeated requests for private and personal information, most recently you have been bombarded with requests about health care. They offer screenings to gather information about your child's health so that they can continue to collect data. I tell my children not to participate. We have our own doctors, thank you very much. The school has no need for that kind of information on our kids. Same goes with the exercise calendar required by physical education classes in West Virginia. The schools do not need to know when, where, and how often my children exercise.
Schools have traditionally had the role of in loco parentis, this means that while a child is there the school is like a parent. Some school officials in this country think they should be the parent at home as well. It's time that parents stand up and remind the schools, when necessary, who is really in charge of children.

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