Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dick Cheney

"Dick Cheney is a refreshingly forceful advocate of Americanexceptionalism, and the idea that the United States is a specialcountry with a unique role to play in shaping history. He alsounderstands the importance of maintaining and strengthening America’skey alliances."

Dick Cheney has a chance to grasp that role that proves elusive to most individuals, that of statesman. He seems to have no more electoral ambitions, but has a great deal of credibility. Cheney can be as honest as he needs to be. If he can bury the unfortunate schism that developed between him and W Bush, he can move forward to shape a confident American approach along the lines set by Reagan and many presidents prior to him.

Cheney has emerged as conventional conservatism's most powerful critic of the Obama presidency, especially its weak kneed apologetic approach. Cheney's underscoring of the need for a prosperous economy and muscular foreign policy comes directly from the playbook of President Reagan. Most of his differences with President George W. Bush came when the United States started softening its international stands in the last few years of that presidency (although it could be argued that once American strength and power under a Republican president was established, it could then relax its role somewhat.)

He is probably unelectable as president, but will continue to be the most credible critic of Democratic policy while serving as the future gray eminence of future GOP administrations, much like a latter day Kissinger.

Like him, hate him, agree with him, or fear him, Dick Cheney will be around to serve as a factor in American policy making for quite some time.

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