Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Why Is This Man Still In the Executive Branch?

Warning (seriously) the following link has graphic and fairly disgusting material within that relates promotion of bizarre sexual practices to young boys and girls with the "Safe Schools Czar" appointed by Obama

Where does Barack Obama find people like Kevin Jennings? Seriously! It is almost as if he looked for the scuzziest and nastiest people on Earth to serve as his top advisors. And this guy has authority over federal school policy!!!!

If you read the link, you know that Jennings is a man who should never be allowed within a thousand yards of a school, much less serve as an educational advisor to the president. These conventions should be as carefully attended by FBI agents as pro Klan churches were during the civil rights movement. After all, they promote child molestation.

This is an issue that is kind of scary. This guy has written books proudly proclaiming that he encouraged young schoolage boys to have sex with older men in bus stations, but only if they wore a condom. To me if it walks like a duck, acts like a duck, quacks like a duck, a duck it most likely is. If this guy thinks molesting teenage boys is A-OK and is brazen enough to write a book about promoting it (isn't THAT a crime?), I doubt it would take much digging to find a serious felony in his past.

A conservative and a golf star cheat on their wives and it is big news. Obama appoints a guy that promotes child molestation and no one utters a peep. Am I missing something?

The thought that a child molestor currently serves as Obama's top advisor on education is chilling. No one has ever said he actually molested a boy, but he has repeatedly stated that there is nothing wrong with it. And that is horrifying enough.

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