Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's About Time

It is about that time again. Campaign season.

Some people welcome it. Some shrink in horror. Many don't notice any difference at all until they see signs up at every road corner. Nevertheless it is almost upon us.

People involved in politics get jaded because the parties tell us every election year could be the most important ever. This year is the one that demands your time, attention, and money more than any other. We hear that every year, but this year it is true.

We are not debating abortion, gay marriage, high or low taxes, school textbooks, or other such issues this time. These definitely require attention, but they remain secondary to the question of 2010 and then 2012 after it.

This question affects our entire nation and permeates elections at every level. We must ask ourselves as we go vote what kind of nation we want. Do we want a country with a government putting its hands into every aspect of our lives, stealing the rewards of the hard working to buy the votes of the less fortunate, allowing neither to thrive? Do we want a government dominated by the United Nations, its members seeking to force America to give up competitive advantages and bankrupt itself and its people? Some in the world want to see us weakened and chastened, many of those work in the executive and legislative branches of our own government.

Most of us want a strong, prosperous, and secure America. To get that back, we must vote for people that support American values. Beyond that we cannot have the anti-socialist vote split. We must come together. Republican candidates have to clearly oppose the Obama/Pelosi plans and libertarians need to support them.

We as a people and a party must have a clear message that our nation and the wider world needs to hear. The American people are not prepared to follow Barack Obama into the dying of our light. We will vote to protect our freedom and resist tyranny. The Democratic Party leadership and the world need to understand that once and for all.

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