Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Guest Commentary: A Response to Barack Obama

Hi America. I'm mad as H ee double hockey sticks and I am not going to take it anymore!

Every darned time some liberal or left wing pinko Commie gets a bee in his bonnet about the business cycle or banks or just rich people in general, they attack me. Why? What do they have against me? What you see right here is what you get. I'm not rich. I'm sleeping on a #$!%&!% pizza box for crying out loud. Sometimes I stretch out in the driveway too. It's not like I spend twenty hours a day worrying about the profitability of a multibillion dollar corporation or somwething like that.

Yeah I know what you are saying. You may spend 23 and 1/2 hours a day asleep somewhere and the rest eating, a lot like many of the folks who receive redistribution of wealth, but are all fat cats like you? Of course not. Some fat cats knock $#!& off the counter and break it because they are unaware of their girth. Others do their business in the clean laundry basket instead of in the litter box. My point is that we may all be fat cats, but most of us know how to behave. Liberals and lefties love to assign stereotypes that are not accurate, yet elicit an emotional response (yes I said elicit, you got a problem with that? I may have no opposable digits, but I ain't dumb.) Of course when conservatives suggest that we may want to keep our eyes on the guy rocking back and forth in the airport whispering Allah Akhbar over and over, wearing a trenchcoat in summer over a suspicious bulge in his stomach, they scream "profiling! stereotype!" But when they want to stick all us decent fat cats in the same boat as the one that poops on your foot while you are asleep in bed that is apparently perfectly alright.

So Obama, you go on bashing fat cats on your weekly radio speech that is carried on no radio station I ever heard of, but MSNBC seems to have playing constantly. I'll live my life. Just quit profiling me and my friends. Don't dump the good in with the bad just to get an emotional political response. That's irresponsible. Even a cat knows that.

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