Thursday, December 3, 2009

Something Rotten in the State of Denmark

Horatio: He waxes desperate with imagination.

Marcellus: Let's follow 'tis not fit thus to obey him.

Horatio: Have after-To what issue will this come?

Marcellus: Something is rotten in the state of Denmark

Something indeed. The global warming community meets very soon in Copenhagen to direct the next round of sweeping proposals for change for the United States and other nations. Many hope that Obama will come and lead the fight at home and around the world against man made global warming. However, there is one catch . . . no scientific proof actually exists.

What, you say? Certainly all those scientists citing all those studies couldn't be mistaken, right? It appears that they were not only mistaken, but they were following a very real and dangerous agenda of using false science to mislead the world.

Scientists at the University of East Anglia disposed of raw data cited in their studies showing rapid warming in the last several decades. This formed the basis of most man made global warming assertions, especially their own. They claim that they still have data, only in a "quality controlled" and "homogenized" form. That is funny. When you homogenize milk, you heat it up. Does this mean that they cooked the books on data? Exactly.

Even worse is news from the academic field where most of these scientific battles are fought. We now know that global warming advocates fought to keep skeptical claims from being published in peer review journals. Professor Phil Jones, director of the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia, expressed fears about global warming skeptics using the raw data to undermine global warming theory. Now why would he be afraid if he was so sure? I imagine that is why he dumped the data. It would be the same as if a prosecutor before arguing a big case tossed out all the physical evidence and asked the jury to just trust his word.
One prominent expert even stated that, if necessary, that the rules of publication ought to be changed to prevent the skeptics from getting a fair shot at publication. Imagine if the Indianapolis Colts were about to play a football game and suddenly just before the game, the forward pass was outlawed.

How do we know this? Russian journalists hacked into computers at the University of East Anglia and found the smoking gun. Just as Richard Nixon did not erase or discard incriminating tapes proving his involvement in the Watergate coverup, it somehow did not occur to global warming luminaries to hide the shell game they have been playing with the world for many years now.
Will any American news sources follow the lead of Russia Today and the London Times to follow a story that completely undermines the certainty of stories they themselves wrote for many years assuming this fraud was true? I imagine it will take some time and pressure from Fox and the Wall Street Journal to get the rest of them in line. It may happen after the 2010 elections, if at all.
In the meantime the Environmental Protection Agency still acts on the premise that this fraud exists. GOP legislators need to go to Capitol Hill and to the people armed with this latest left wing anti-capitalist gaffe and stop cap and trade dead in its tracks.

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