Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Couple of House of Delegate Races Worth Noting

Another election year will be upon us in a few weeks, which means that we need to start thinking about ways to start supporting candidates who will return government to the people.

Republicans will concentrate a lot of their donations and time on congressional races this year. We have a shot to get back at least one house of Congress and stop the runaway train that is Pelosi brand socialism. However we also need to think closer to home as well. For approximately eight decades the West Virginia State Legislature has been run by the Democrats. That party sees legislative power in the Mountain State as almost its own by divine right. Let's return West Virginia to two party rule.

I want to mention a couple of races that are important for the state GOP and me personally. I know both these people and believe that they will represent their districts and the state well when elected. I am proud to call them personal friends as well.

In the 41st Delegate district, Tommy Phillips will challenge for the seat currently held by the Democrat Samuel Cann. This district encompasses part of Harrison County. Tommy is a young, energetic, and bright man with youth and talent in his corner. He has served as Harrison County Executive Committee chair and has worked hard for the state party as well. If you are a donor interested in state politics, please consider helping out this candidate. He would make an outstanding delegate.

Of course in our own 49th, Bob Schadler is retiring after many years of faithful and hardworking service. I cannot think of anyone better to hold that seat than Gary Howell. Most of you know already that Gary is an aggressive and hard fighting individual with a talent for learning about the kind of legal and policy details that most folks overlook. A lot of people respect Gary's plain talking and blunt approach to tackling the problems faced by this region. His experience in policy research will prove invaluable to all Republican legislators. They currently have to rely upon a Democratic appointee or their own devices when researching law or policy when crafting their bills. Gary will serve as an important part of a state GOP legislative team that will fight to restrain government size, spending, and taxation in West Virginia. Since announcing his run for the House of Delegates, Gary's fundraising has far exceeded expectations very early in the campaign. This shows how serious Mineral County is about keeping this seat out of Democratic hands.

Of course there are many worthy candidates emerging all over the state. We need to support the viable and strong candidates as much as possible so that we can get the Legislature in the hands of a party that knows what West Virginia needs, more jobs and less government.

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