Monday, November 10, 2008

What We Learned From West Virginia Election Results

Think about this for a second. On the face of it, state Republicans lost ground in the Legislature and the Board of Public Works. However the way that the Republicans showed remarkable resilience in the final results should give the Democrats reason to worry.

The Democratic Party actually tried in this election cycle to rid the United States Congress of Shelley Moore Capito. They got national help and assistance from the liberal media. Capito remains as resilient as ever. Her star power remains high in West Virginia and we should not be surprised if she begins to garner national attention.

Clark Barnes also is a Republican star on the rise. He fought off a very well-supported challenger who once sat on the seat he occupies. His popularity in both parties reflects that of Capito. Incidentally, both did well in strongly Democratic Hardy County.

Gary Howell, as we mentioned before, came within a hair's breadth of seizing the 14th senatorial. His opponent outspent him four to one, but Gary nearly captured the heavily Democratic county of Tucker.

Dan Greear, Beth Walker, and Mike Teets also captured large numbers of Democratic votes. Greear came closest to capturing his goal, the attorney general's office.

What we learned is that Republican campaigns that get the candidate out to directly meet the people and deliver their message can effectively counter media bias and massive amounts of money. The message that Republican candidates take to the voters is earning a response. This should encourage the state GOP and hopefully inspire more financial support.

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