Friday, November 14, 2008

Leon Podesta is Change?

I don't know whether it is disturbing or somewhat comforting that Barack Obama has gone down the political highway looking to pick up a bunch of Clinton retreads for his advising team and Cabinet. The Clinton presidency had a few saving graces which included political pragmatism. They understood that the United States has a center-right orientation and made some gestures in the direction of welfare reform and balanced budgets.

What it does show is that the neophyte feels like a neophyte beneath his messianic bluster. There is some humility beneath that exterior. Then again it could be a peace offering after a primary that proved more harsh than the general election.

The worst part about this development is that it puts America back in the hands of the touchy feely set that is more concerned with how people, institutions, and nations feel than with the protection of our interests. The best part is that these were people who had very little vision or direction in the 1990s. No vision is better than a misguided one.

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