Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Russ Weeks

Russ Weeks is out of politics.

According to the Beckley Register-Herald, Russ Weeks has announced his intention to never involve himself in politics again.

All Weeks did was run one of the most ambitious campaigns in the history of this state. Against Joe Manchin's millions, Weeks pushed hard on a shoe string budget. The money never flowed in, except from individual Republican contributors who liked what they saw in the man. Anyone who met Russ understood that they were looking at a man of ability and also complete honesty.

Except for raising money, Weeks did everything right. He attacked the governor on vulnerable issues and remained relentless throughout the debating schedule. Weeks went to every county, attended almost every dinner, supported the party that could not do the same for him.

Weeks had to fight against West Virginia's lowered expectations. Manchin has not done badly as governor, but he has fallen far short of the business community's expectations. In West Virginia "not bad" or "decent" ranks him as one of the better ones in state history. Voting for Manchin meant sticking to the old paradigm. Weeks promised to do what Sarah Palin did in Alaska, clean out the influence of the special interests and reform government. Unfortunately few people paid enough attention to his message and politics has lost an honest man.

Like Cincinnatus (except the Roman Republican won in his battles) Weeks is returning home after the long campaign to tend to his property and rest.

Russ Weeks is out of politics.

And that is a crying shame.

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