Monday, May 12, 2014

Ethanol Destroys Small Engines, But Still No Warning

For the last few years, consumer advocates and manufacturers have worked to warn customers of the destructive effects of ethanol on engines.  Yet the federal government has still not mandated a warning at the gas pump.

Consumer Reports in May of last year described how ethanol destroys small engines.  During periods of non use, ethanol separates from the gasoline.  It burns hotter and corrodes vital parts, including the carburetor.  The government issued warnings about the E 15 blend, but most manufacturers now warn that gasoline with 10 percent ethanol can also harm engines.  They recommend special ethanol free gas.

AAA in 2012 issued that same warning about the threat of E 15 to automobile engines.

With warning labels on almost everything these days, why has the federal government remained reluctant to force gas stations to warn about the destructive effects of ethanol?

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