Thursday, May 15, 2014

Black Bear Burritos Bashed By Feds

Morgantown's Black Bear Burritos must pay over a hundred former employees nearly a quarter of a million in back pay, says the US Department of Labor.

According to the State Journal, the business, which only has two locations, concocted an illegal tip sharing scheme that divided all tips evenly amongst all employees on the shift, including managers and kitchen staff. Black Bear owners used Facebook to apologize to employees and customers, pleading that they made a mistake.

They also explained that the policy was made clear to every employee upon hiring.

While the policy itself was likely not productive (what incentive do servers have if they know they will not get their full tips?) why is a tip distribution plan agreed to by all employees any business of the federal government?

If one does not like the plan and it is fairly explained from the beginning, go work somewhere else.

Black Bear is known for supporting local live music while offering deliciously prepared food and spirits in a relaxed setting.

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