Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Obama's Re-election Strategy: Pander to Negative Stereotypes of Democratic Base Groups

This Emily Miller op-ed from the Washington Times pretty much confirms what elitist left-liberals think of their base. And it reflects a highly offensive worldview. Blacks go to jail, Hispanics are illegal immigrants, all gays are worried about AIDS. The only thing that is missing is programs on dental hygiene and front porch decorating tips for people in Appalachia.

Conversely, they imply that whites have no problems with incarceration, that straight people need not worry about AIDS, etc.

Sure, this was not intentionally offensive. It reflects the failed imagination of the worldview of the privileged leftist. They cannot imagine why their potential white constituents would be interested in programs for people getting out of jail. Leftists assign people into categories and treat them as objects and means, not as ends. This approach comes from their collective worldview combined with basic laziness.

When Republicans do this, it comes off as clumsy and gets the ridicule that it deserves. I am sure that Obama apologists will see this as simply a smart strategy.

Whatever. As an American, I am offended by their approach.

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