Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Are Gun Control Advocates Racist and Sexist?

Racist. Sexist. Ugly words. Objectively they mean that an individual has made a conscious choice to dislike and create disadvantages for groups based upon race and gender. Their foul connotation means that they should be used as narrowly as possible. When used broadly, they either raise anger against an individual or group that did not deserve it, or they lose their meaning.

Leftists use "racist" and "sexist" all the time. They do not wield these terms against those who are actively prejudiced, but mostly against people who disagree with them. A Republican fighting Obama's expanded government is "racist." Catholics who resist a legal mandate to pay for abortion pills get called "sexist." Republicans have no anti-minority agenda and the religion that celebrates Mary more than any other certainly does not hate women. In the leftist world, disagreement means hatred. But what about the real world?

Forbes ranks Detroit as the most dangerous city in America. In 2010, the city, which is almost 83% black, suffered 1,111 violent crimes per 100,000 residents. Michigan public radio host, Jack Lessenberry, called for constitutional change to eliminate the Second Amendment to halt the "mass murder."

Detroit in its best recent year, 2010, admitted that priority 911 calls had an average 24 minute response time. How long is that for an elderly woman who hears someone breaking into her apartment? How long is that for a scared young woman who just mustered the courage to leave an abusive, psychopathic partner? It is certainly long enough to get beaten, raped, or killed.

So you have a city which remains one of the most violent in America, where police much of the time take more than a half an hour to get to priority calls. The left wing elite believe that the answer to this problem is gun control. Less gun, less problems, they try to say.

The vast majority of Detroit's 82.7% black populace abides by the law and wants to live in peace. Gun control laws would make it harder for them to protect their homes and families against criminal predators. Using the left wing language standards, this means that, if black law abiding citizens would be more vulnerable, then gun control laws must be racist.

Chicago has a 58% non-white population. Its civic leaders have vainly tried to push aside constitutional guarantees on gun ownership and purchasing while it claims a violent crime rate three times higher than New York City. City leaders need to ask themselves who is hurt most by these restrictions. That would be law abiding citizens living in disadvantaged neighborhoods. Not criminals who get weapons regardless of the law. Not the left wing elite living in gated communities.

Consider the recent case of the young woman in rural Oklahoma, terrorized by a man seeking her dead husband's medicines. She shot and killed her would-be killer. What would have protected her better? Liberal feel good rhetoric? Sheriff's deputies and state police who were who knows how far away? Or a loaded shotgun? You would think that the image of a young single mother protecting herself and her child with deadly force against a crazy, predatory male would warm the cockles of feminist hearts. But they remain eerily non-supportive of women learning to use guns for self-defense.

Since women are usually more vulnerable, it makes sense that they should be able to obtain guns very readily with no waiting period. Gun control advocates must be aware that men are generally larger and stronger than women and that guns balance the equation. So, according to liberal logic, they must want more women to be attacked, raped, and killed. This means, again according to the left wing language guidelines, that gun control advocates are not only sexist, but exhibit very severe misogyny.

In the real world, Republicans actually oppose Obama on policy issues, not because he is black. Otherwise we would call Herman Cain, Allen West, etc. etc. racists. In the real world, gun control advocates do not hate blacks or women. They simply have a bizarre outlook on humanity that suggests that guns make people inherently more violent, thousands of years of human history not withstanding.

Gun control advocates may not have racist and sexist worldviews. They have either not followed their logic through to predictable conclusions. Or they just do not care. That doesn't make them hatemongers, only foolish.

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