Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Coming Full Circle: Anti-Religious Fanaticism

Many centuries ago, the Roman Catholic Church put Galileo Gallilei on trial. He used a telescope to gaze into the heavens and noticed that Jupiter not only had moons, but that they revolved around that massive planet instead of the earth.

"Heresy!" they said. Forced to choose between his life and his science, Galileo submitted. He went to his knees and recanted, but as he stood up, he famously muttered "Eppur si muove" Or, "But they still move."

Others, such as Joan of Arc and Jan Hus defiantly chose the flames for their principles.

No one would blame Galileo for choosing his own life over the moons of Jupiter. However, the Roman Catholic Church needs to show the courage of Hus and openly defy the authority of the United States government. If there is no Republican with enough power to halt the implementation of a law requiring Catholic organizations to pay for sterilization and birth control, then the Church needs to assert its moral authority and openly defy this unjust and unconscionable law.

Christians, Jewish organizations, conservative religious groups, and Muslims should also rise up in defiance regardless of whether or not they morally object to birth control. The principle at stake here is the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. Many conservatives have called Obama a Muslim, others defend him as being a Christian. Both are wrong. He is a respecter of no faith but that of secularism. This law is red meat for the anti-religious fanaticism that grips the Left because they think they will witness the State crushing organized faith of all stripes in the name of what they call reason.

The differences between monotheistic religious groups are many, but on this issue they need to be one. Oppose Obamacare's fanatical attack on faith.

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