Thursday, February 2, 2012

The "Billion Dollar Candidate"'s Party Slams Romney For "Buying an Election"

Democrats, at least for a while, seemed awfully proud that Obama will most certainly break the billion dollar mark in campaign financing. You might not hear it so much now, but it is a number that makes them pretty happy. It's nice to have crony capitalists as BFFs.

Well now they seem happy to attack Mitt Romney's victory in Florida as "bought" because he paid for attack ads.

So what are you all using that money for, Democrats? Not attack ads? Or attack websites? I'm sure they will feed the poor with it, then drive the poor to the polls.

Democrats love to invoke money against Republicans, even though their candidates are often personally richer and better funded by donations. Voters are not buying that anymore. Invective against Romney spending money on campaign ads mean nothing to most people. It's what all politicians do. Democrats may try to paint Romney as a candidate of the wealthy, but when their own guy's wife jet sets around the world on our dime with her best friends, then plunks down more for underwear than a large amount of people would for a house, that idea will be a tough sell.

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