Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Baldly Political Farce

The redistricting process was expected to be political. We all knew that. But we didn't expect it to be this arrogantly dismissive of the concerns and actions of the voters.

First, the congressional districts seem to have been redrawn with the idea of pitting the two Republicans against each other, leaving Rahall safe, and opening up a third. This was too disingenuous because first, the law does not actually require residence in the district. Even if it does produce the desired result, one of the political figures with the most name recognition and popularity in the proposed second district is Republican Clark Barnes. If passed, the second district is not much larger than his currently expansive 15th. It is still an arrogant move for the Legislature to try and nullify the verdict of the election of 2010 on its own.

The House patted itself on the back for breaking up the three member 32nd, but left in place the notorious seven member 30th. Yes, South Hills, your 7% of the House of Delegates is still safe. Sorry southern Kanawha, you are still not truly represented in the House.

House Republicans have fought hard for our rights. Delegate Gary Howell plead on the House floor for the opportunity to have time for public comment before final passage of redistricting. Will we get a chance to voice our concerns? Let us hope so.

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